Daytona 500 Qualifying: Alex Bowman secures pole for fourth consecutive year | Motorsports on NBC 

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With a lap of 191.261 mph, Alex Bowman put the No. 48 on the pole for Sunday’s Daytona 500, becoming the first driver to start on the front row for this race in four consecutive years. #MotorsportsonNBC #NASCAR #Daytona500
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Daytona 500 Qualifying: Alex Bowman secures pole for fourth consecutive year | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 11, 2021




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Comments 48   
Caleb Evans
Caleb Evans 17 days ago
You should have said its chevys 4 year on the front row.
Edysin Simon
Edysin Simon 17 days ago
Don't overlook Ryan Newman...He didn't get this ride because he's popular!
Donnie Rittenberry
Donnie Rittenberry 17 days ago
He starts in the back now
tmklunk 18 days ago
Miss jr out there
Michael Wintz
Michael Wintz 18 days ago
Let’s wear masks then touch each other
Thomas Hager
Thomas Hager 18 days ago
Yeah, 2018, Bowman was on pole, 2019, Bowman was 2nd, to William Byron 2020, Bowman was 2nd, to Ricky Stenhouse 2021, Bowman is the Poleman.
Mak Alson
Mak Alson 18 days ago
Good video except for the nascar 98 ghost car screen. Seriously thats the best we can do? Terrible
chris murphy
chris murphy 18 days ago
can you NOT give the result in the headline - nice for us non US types who like to watch
funboy8 18 days ago
Jesus christ how does Nascar allow these Rick ware shitboxes on the track. they need to sell their charters to team that actually want to compete. I can't stand it that they are locked into the race while a possible competitive team going to miss out.
Tyree Cruz
Tyree Cruz 18 days ago
F1 race indy
Tyree Cruz
Tyree Cruz 18 days ago
PPV sales cable
Tyree Cruz
Tyree Cruz 18 days ago
Tyree Cruz
Tyree Cruz 18 days ago
Race feed LENEXA kansas
JT Owsley
JT Owsley 18 days ago
Don't be showing the pole winner in the title. Just saying, make the title something along the lines of like a mysterious event for 8 minute
Nilson Herrera
Nilson Herrera 18 days ago
Ally has won a pole with Jimmie Johnson at Texas Spring 2019.
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen 18 days ago
I was there!
Danny from the beer store
Bowman Boggin Deeeep!
JJA1987 18 days ago
I think Bowman is going to have a career year - I think the 48 has some new life
David Shih
David Shih 18 days ago
There's something poetic about the 24 and 48 being in the first row together again
pentilex 18 days ago
I got excited thinking Jimmie got pole then I remembered
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 18 days ago
Reppin that #48 right
n 2
n 2 18 days ago
Congratulations Alex. No suprise though, Hendrix Engine!
Miguel D
Miguel D 18 days ago
Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough. ❤️
C. S. G
C. S. G 17 days ago
Stfu! Take your bible thumping bs on somewhere else!
ninjaXavier2 18 days ago
ok but why here
Allbrick 18 days ago
It’s a joke to say Denny Hamlin is a car owner We all know it’s a 5th Gibbs team!
Allbrick 18 days ago
@Mahiri Stewart correct but it didn’t circumvent the 4 team rule!
Mahiri Stewart
Mahiri Stewart 18 days ago
Jeff Gordon owned the 48 when Jimmie drove it.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 18 days ago
Bowman is going to have a brake out year! So glad racing has returned!
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 18 days ago
Hendrick Power Baby Let's get it
Wil Bane
Wil Bane 18 days ago
Title incorrect. Should read “pole, fourth consecutive front row start”
Jacob Head
Jacob Head 18 days ago
Correct. Very misleading.
KBowWow75 18 days ago
Title says 4th consecutive year. Video starts off saying Stenhouse was last year's pole sitter. Front row start is what was meant.
Timothy Lites
Timothy Lites 18 days ago
The titles wrong stenhouse won last year. And the year before byron won.
Lukas 18 days ago
when they say pole, they meant front row
Cody Ngo
Cody Ngo 18 days ago
I am super Happy Alex Bowman got the Pole I hope he can puff off a win!
Tomás Nicolau da Costa
Incredible by Bubba Wallace!
ONE CHO 15 days ago
George Troy
George Troy 18 days ago
It’s all about horsepower somebody has more than somebody else
Fuzon-S 18 days ago
Bowman is the Rocket Man of the Daytona 500 qualifying, might as well call him Alex POLEman!
amf 18 days ago
Qualifying isn't racing💁
Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz 18 days ago
Also, you should try watching WRC sometime.
Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz 18 days ago
No one said otherwise.
Thomas Wormington
Thomas Wormington 18 days ago
You can NOT draft the ghost car!
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 18 days ago
A Hendrick Engine has been on pole now 9 years in a row, I believe.
robert loftin
robert loftin 9 days ago
And any one can trim the car out run front good team but it seems when the race starts the Fords are the fastest go figure o ya who won this year the Ford and who always wins this Fords unless the Chevy guys drive them in the wall on the last lap
Dalton Younts
Dalton Younts 17 days ago
@Weekend-Street I think he’s correct but not all the way sure I said almost cuz I think its almost correct
Chance O'Neil
Chance O'Neil 17 days ago
It is amazing how people can show such allegiance to companies that they are not associated with.
ninjaXavier2 18 days ago
@dkbeam1 it did not blow up and it is called the duel
dkbeam1 18 days ago
Too bad it blew up in the first Twin 125. Did he even lead a lap?
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 18 days ago
I think you are seeing a difference in set-ups between Bowman and Byron and Elliott and Larson. I think the Bowman and Byron went for raw speed and Elliott and Larson’s crew chiefs maybe went for downforce and better handling in the draft.
Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan 18 days ago
@JJA1987 100%
JJA1987 18 days ago
Race trim I’m sure they’re focusing on
Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan 18 days ago
Absolutely. These are also single lap qualifying. It will handle fine for one lap, but in the race, you add draft, and you must have good handling. It will be interesting how Bowman and Byron do in the Daytona 500.
Michael Deitch
Michael Deitch 18 days ago
4th consecutive????????? nah
Michael Deitch
Michael Deitch 18 days ago
@Racing Reviews that’s right. I didn’t look at the description first lmao
Racing Reviews
Racing Reviews 18 days ago
4th in a row for hendrick engines
Steven Yeing
Steven Yeing 18 days ago
@Michael Deitch I get what you’re saying now mate. But the description elaborates what they mean.
Michael Deitch
Michael Deitch 18 days ago
@Steven Yeing I’m only saying that because Ricky got the pole last year. The video title is very misleading
Steven Yeing
Steven Yeing 18 days ago
4th consecutive front row start they said??????? Yeah
Let's go team Chevrolet!
Christian Harvey
Christian Harvey 18 days ago
Congrats to alex bowman that was fast.
Mikey Liberti
Mikey Liberti 18 days ago
I’m so impressed that Suarez got a top 10 spot
Crazy But
Crazy But 18 days ago
@Mahiri Stewart they have an alliance with rcr
Mauricio Correa Meza
@Mahiri Stewart and it's basically a third RCR car. Marks, Suárez and Pitbull came in full force. Hope Suárez makes the playoffs this year if he drives like last year in that Gaunt tractor
Mahiri Stewart
Mahiri Stewart 18 days ago
@Wishyouknewhuh 1985 yeah but it is still impressive for a new team to be this fast at a plate track.
Wishyouknewhuh 1985
Remember it’s Daytona.
robert loftin
robert loftin 18 days ago
These guys never when love nascar but to much put into a lap
ninjaXavier2 18 days ago
i don't know what you both are saying
amf 18 days ago
Roger Stamper
Roger Stamper 18 days ago
Congrats Bowman!
DennyDelivers 18 days ago
Wait... it’s all Hendrick engines Pole? *Always has been.*
amf 18 days ago
All engines are the same size, and, in fact, they're all the same except for certain parts on the engine. "The manufacturer supplies those parts to the teams and they assemble the engines." One major area of differentiation among the engine design teams relates to valve timing.
Dylan Spurlock
Dylan Spurlock 18 days ago
@robert loftin Ford’s tens to handle better in the draft for whatever reason. The last few years they’ve been faster in the race because they’re much more skimmed down than the chevys.
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 18 days ago
For the last 5 years at least. 9 years in a row now Chevy has won the pole, right?
robert loftin
robert loftin 18 days ago
It’s funny how most of the time the Fords are the fastest in the race
wow Bubba got 4th, I'll take it!
ONE CHO 15 days ago
Alexander Pomeroy
Alexander Pomeroy 18 days ago
Congratulations to Alex Bowman in the poles for a daytona 500
Mikey Liberti
Mikey Liberti 18 days ago
Go Yankees
NOU GAMES 18 days ago
The Charter System is beyond stupid
Racing Net
Racing Net 18 days ago
D'marcus_23 18 days ago
Every year congrats Jimmie Johnson will be proud
NASCARFAN93100 18 days ago
Exentric Future
Exentric Future 18 days ago
Yes he is 😂
1981 Daytona 500