How Brad Daugherty found his love of racing | Coffee with Kyle | Motorsports on NBC 

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Brad Daugherty joins Kyle Petty to revisit his childhood in Black Mountain, N.C., explain how his love of racing started, and recall his memories playing basketball for Dean Smith at the University of North Carolina. #NBCSports #NASCAR #CoffeeWithKyle
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How Brad Daugherty found his love of racing | Coffee with Kyle | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 39   
Kenny Patterson
Kenny Patterson 2 days ago
Kyle, this is One of the best episodes! Thanks..
Viet Advisor67
Viet Advisor67 3 days ago
B Burkitt
B Burkitt 4 days ago
I have ran into Brad a few times, in Santa Barbara and he always give you the time of day. He's a Good Dude!
Anita Garrison
Anita Garrison 6 days ago
Brad's enthusiasm in the booth is unmatched. 😂 Awesome interview Kyle. I've missed these. 💞
I know one thing Brad is right we were fortunate to see the greatest come the sport during the 80's and 90's and into the 2000 years. Nascar ain't been the same since those guys have gone.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 6 days ago
What an interview Kyle that's the best one you've ever done Brad I've watched you play basketball since North Carolina I remember seeing you at the racetrack with Robert Presley and it just amaze me and you just made me want to have some rhubarb pie
Worldwide Wyatt
Worldwide Wyatt 7 days ago
If you’ve ever met Brad you would know how genuinely nice of a man he is. He always has a minute for the fans.
Imran Abbasi
Imran Abbasi 7 days ago
Mario Rini
Mario Rini 7 days ago
How do i find out if Brad drove a 64 Chevy Impala in college?
James Street
James Street 8 days ago
This is without a doubt the most entertaining interview I have seen in my memory. Brad Daughtery is a hoot. He is a wonderful personality and an amazing asset to NASCAR
Illiogical Philosophy
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 8 days ago
Great interview Kyle. I really enjoy all the Coffee With Kyle interviews but I think this was one of if not the best one yet. Brad seems to be a great guy. Always enjoyed listening to him call races and his insight and knowledge of the sport. Remember watching him paly basketball at UNC. He's such a nice guy.
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley 9 days ago
Best video so far and Brad I am proud you are in nascar
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley 9 days ago
Wow this is great
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley 9 days ago
Two great people
Donnie Earl Harris Jr
I’m amazed at how Nascar reacted to the garage door pull and with how they treated Bubba and put him on the pedestal all the while not truly giving Wendell Scott his trophy that was given to Buck Baker! Shame on you Nascar!
Kourtney Young
Kourtney Young 9 days ago
Great interview, I really enjoyed it.
Jim Morris
Jim Morris 9 days ago
Norwalk !! Was there, though it would take a day for him to fold himself out of that car. True gentleman, thank you sir.
Reed Sorenson
Reed Sorenson 9 days ago
My bet is that JTG Daugherty racing is Switching to Toyota and will join The Michael Jordan JGR Alliance in 2021✌️🤔
Greg Simon
Greg Simon 9 days ago
Absolutely one of the best interviews ever, so glad to hear some of Brads history of how he grew up and his love of motor sports.
scott garemko
scott garemko 9 days ago
Great show Thank You both!
Manowire 9 days ago
Awesome interview! Love Brad's passion & love of motorsports.... he cannot help himself & it is fun to watch
Tyler Sterling
Tyler Sterling 9 days ago
What an awesome interview between two awesome people!! I learned so much more about brad!!!
WB Fine Woodworking With Don Bullock
This was an outstanding interview Kyle. Thanks for sharing.
Timothy Steen
Timothy Steen 9 days ago
Hello Kyle and Brad great interview I really like how grounded Brad is I like to wish Brad's team a great 2021 and wishing both your family's well Take Care Guys
bigred1941 10 days ago
Incredible interview -- who knew he was always a racer.. Thank you Kyle. Thank you Brad.
Reed Sorenson
Reed Sorenson 9 days ago
Kyle petty is very funny
Gauge Reality
Gauge Reality 10 days ago
Glad to hear this story I don't follow basketball and always wondered about BD background
Bob Tate
Bob Tate 10 days ago
Love this guy and it’s good to hear this
Danny Ervin
Danny Ervin 10 days ago
I cannot express how much I enjoyed this video. It really touched my heart. No pretense, just good memories and good life lessons. More like this...Please!!!
Mike Kraz
Mike Kraz 10 days ago
love this!!
larry tucker
larry tucker 10 days ago
Reed Sorenson
Reed Sorenson 9 days ago
Head Brown
Head Brown 10 days ago
Id love to see this complete interview....this was great
Head Brown
Head Brown 10 days ago
LOVE THIS! Thank-you Kyle for FINALLY recognizing this man. He's a GREAT guy & has done more for & has a bigger PASSION for racing than Michael Jordan or Jesse Smollet Wallace ever will. This man is the real deal 💯......and the Nascar community should give him the respect he's due. Kills me that all this media coverage for Jordan & Smollet/Wallace.....
Reed Sorenson
Reed Sorenson 9 days ago
Yeah keep hating 👎👎
Vicky Del Monico
Vicky Del Monico 10 days ago
What an enjoyable podcast it was so much fun Brad is an awesome racing fan and Nascar owner.
Green Go OG22
Green Go OG22 10 days ago
What a fabulous interview! I have always wanted an interview with Brad. Such a great guy and leader. Thank you again!
Reed Sorenson
Reed Sorenson 9 days ago
Awesome interview
Blackbear_OW 10 days ago
My dad was one of those kids in Black Mountain that played basketball with Brad. Every story I’ve heard about him has been true. Super nice and always humble.
Zazubaar 10 days ago
Spectacular conversation! Funny, informative, hit some emotional truths. My brother and I loved it
Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland 10 days ago
Thank you Kyle for interviewing Brad - what an awesome guy! I’ve always liked him and was so good to hear about his childhood, college, NBA and how he got into racing. And, he is so funny!!
Ben Myatt
Ben Myatt 10 days ago
I love how humble Brad is. Great guy.
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley 9 days ago
I agree