Jimmie Johnson ready to begin next chapter with Rolex 24 At Daytona | Motorsports on NBC 

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Jimmie Johnson and his team reflect on the longtime NASCAR driver making the most of his retirement and preparing for Rolex 24 in Daytona, while JJ also admits to feeling like a rookie again as he faces new situations. #NBCSports #IMSA #Rolex24 #JimmieJohnson
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Jimmie Johnson ready to begin next chapter with Rolex 24 At Daytona | Motorsports on NBC


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Jan 27, 2021




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Comments 28   
Smoke 14 Fan
Smoke 14 Fan 29 days ago
He should've just retired fully,I don't know what he's thinking racing Indycar, Imsa is not so bad but Indycar is no joke 🤔🙄
Ma Hu
Ma Hu Month ago
I’m sorry Jimmy, I have to disagree that this version of car is ugly. If they get rid of the big “shark fin” I might then agree.
Jeff skelton
Jeff skelton Month ago
Go get em bud that will be exciting to watch
Luther Ludwig
Luther Ludwig Month ago
What time is jimmie johnson racing this weekend
bill collins
bill collins Month ago
Hey NBC, stick to fake news dont ruin auto racing for us
twistedlv Month ago
Get Some, JJ!
onetofollow Month ago
im so glad he isn't in nascar anymore that i will cheer for him in any other series. (and yes it is because he was that good for that long)
Woofer SD
Woofer SD Month ago
Good luck Jimmy.
Rohit Burra
Rohit Burra Month ago
Way to JJ! You’ll be racing Chase Elliot!! I’m glad they numbered it the #48 car
Mathew Gilbert
Mathew Gilbert Month ago
was rooting for you to win until i saw pagenaud on your team, guys a goof, no thank you,
K Ben24
K Ben24 Month ago
Wish they would've let Kamui qualify the car, but onto the race!! Jimmie should be pretty strong now.
Dewayne Amerson
Dewayne Amerson Month ago
I love NASCAR but hate I have to watch it on an NBS network
NASCARFAN93100 Month ago
Andy Hamilton
Andy Hamilton Month ago
Good luck JJ you guys have a great chance to win! Will be there to watch!
matthew johnson
matthew johnson Month ago
Good luck 7 Time
William Bowen
William Bowen Month ago
Can't wait 2 watch this no talent classless pos knock the wall down.
I thought is just racing Indy car?
ZAXXZ Month ago
Hey Jimmie , can you send me a Rolex please?
Anita Garrison
Anita Garrison Month ago
I'll be watching. 😁
SkippingRhyme Month ago
Did they say Jimmie has won 8 times?!?!
patrick anderson
Competed 8 times.. JJ competed in the Daytona24h every year between 2004-2011.
Mark Butler
Mark Butler Month ago
This is what you can afford 3Minutes?
Elvijs Lasis
Elvijs Lasis Month ago
JJ and KK in same car - I'm on it for sure! =))
BlueJimmie48Fan Month ago
Bebopper Bott
Bebopper Bott Month ago
JIMMAYFAN48 Month ago
Yay Jimmie! You can do this!! ❤❤❤
Smoke 14 Fan
Smoke 14 Fan 29 days ago
He will suck
Todd Clark
Todd Clark Month ago
Good luck Jimmie show him you do it
Smoke 14 Fan
Smoke 14 Fan 29 days ago
He will suck
Curtis Howard
Curtis Howard Month ago
I Will not watch until the masks are gone. Didn't watch this video because of the mask.
Smoke 14 Fan
Smoke 14 Fan 29 days ago
Anti-masker joined the chat 🤔
c4rlo Rossi
c4rlo Rossi Month ago
I still watched through that BLM crap, and I'll watch through the mask crap.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Month ago
I couldn't care less about the masks, I wear one when it's required and it's not a big deal to put it on for a few minutes. I'm just glad that I didn't have to listen to Kyle Petty after the first few seconds of the video, his voice grates on my nerves!
Dolphin H
Dolphin H Month ago
Dude it's literally just for the TV audience. No one there wants to wear them but they have to so they dont get a bunch of people mad who most likely dont even watch racing. It's something thats gonna be around for a little while longer. I'd recommend that you stay in opposition to them, but don't make yourself look ridiculous with ultimatums like this
John Sucks
John Sucks Month ago
Nobody cares
2ClappedOut Month ago