Michael McDowell achieves incredible feat by winning NASCAR's Daytona 500 | Motorsports on NBC 

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Steve Letarte, Dale Jarrett, and Jeff Burton recap Michael McDowell's life-changing experience, how the trajectory of the race changed early, and how a potential three-peat slipped through Denny Hamlin's fingers. #NBCSports #NASCAR #Daytona500
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Michael McDowell achieves incredible feat by winning NASCAR's Daytona 500 | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 15, 2021




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Comments 21   
lonny W
lonny W 11 days ago
I am a McDowell fan but this will be his only win this year.
lonny W
lonny W 10 days ago
@Matheus Gomes De Oliveira I will put money that McDowell won’t win another race this year. $50 through PayPal?
Matheus Gomes De Oliveira
Road America Sonoma Daytona 2 Talladega 1 and 2 COTA Nashville Indy RC Daytona RC Watkins Glen Roval
Cameron Simpson
Cameron Simpson 12 days ago
Will nascar America ever return
Ferrari 488 Gte
Ferrari 488 Gte 12 days ago
Every driver would have piloted just like Mike. I can't understand controversy versus Mike.....W McDowell
jjj023 12 days ago
I only looked at this because I wanted to check out how Michael Jordans team did. So some new eyes here on the sport. Cool finish to the race.
Christopher Waldrop
It wasn't incredible. It was awesome! He was there the whole race and held four other contenders. I'm not surprised. Congrats to Michael.
Justin Stein
Justin Stein 13 days ago
This year’s Daytona 500 itself was up and down
JJA1987 13 days ago
theoboegoddess 5 days ago
CharlemagneXVII 13 days ago
So cool to see McDowell win! He certainly deserved it
LET'S TALK 13 days ago
Good for him. But I still think they should amend the rules to let the guys ahead of the crash race for a few more seconds to the finish on all of that beautiful clear track out ahead of them.
Jack Islanders 80 81 82 83
We smoking that Penske pack
Gackleballs G
Gackleballs G 14 days ago
How cool to see the Penske boys fight each other for the win and both wreck.
Orions96Cobra 13 days ago
Mcdowell wrecked Brad. He was already coming around before he touched Joey.
Robb Chastain
Robb Chastain 14 days ago
I really like to see first-time winners of these big races and Daytona is the biggest. But O my, the Captain cannot be pleased that his drivers took out each other on the final lap. That was some kind of crazy but crazy seems to be part of it with all these wrecks--they're either racing or wrecking, it seems.
Salty Dawwg
Salty Dawwg 14 days ago
Nascar sucks
LET'S TALK 13 days ago
If Nascar sucks.... what top form of racing is better and why?
American Pride
American Pride 14 days ago
Its cause you don’t understand it
Trust your Gut
Trust your Gut 14 days ago
He drove his a$$ off!!! Soooo happy for him🤗🤗🤗 and I'm a Hamlin fan😁 great race
NASCARFAN93100 14 days ago
I couldn't be any happier for Michael McDowell He definitely deserves it
Bronson Of Awesomeness
I can't wait for this race win diecast
Jimmy Roberts
Jimmy Roberts 10 days ago
I was thinking the same thing. I'd like both a 1/24 and 1/64 scale.
dan allen
dan allen 14 days ago
I'm happy for him glad to see somebody else winning for a change
Faydster YT
Faydster YT 14 days ago
Everybody should be happy for McDowell
William Cap
William Cap 14 days ago
Great another one win wonder ! Nascar blows anymore
RD 12 days ago
Must have been your first race.
Amy and Ryan Roberts
you act like he would be the the first one win wonder as you state. I would rather see him and his team win than Keslowski, Logano, or Bubba Smollett any day.
Nick 2019champ
Nick 2019champ 14 days ago
I was happy Michael McDowell won!!!
Jesus Nieves
Jesus Nieves 14 days ago
What a win for McDowell he earned it
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