NASCAR Cup Series Busch Clash | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/9/21 | Motorsports on NBC 

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A tussle between Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney in the final lap of the Busch Clash gives Kyle Busch a straight shot to victory at Daytona. #NBCSports #NASCAR #KyleBusch
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NASCAR Cup Series Busch Clash | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/9/21 | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 9, 2021




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Comments 54   
jmichel70 17 days ago
Kyle Busch 2021
Douglas Sloan
Douglas Sloan 17 days ago
Bowyer and Gordon are fantastic commentators. It's gonna be a fun season.
Alka-Seltzer Manager
Michael Sanderson
Michael Sanderson 17 days ago
I’m not usually a fan of Nascar, but that was actually really good
William Ware
William Ware 18 days ago
Support your local dirt track more action
Pael Diego
Pael Diego 18 days ago
Ang Gr
Ang Gr 18 days ago
This is why nascar is failing road courses are boring!
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime 18 days ago
I thought nascar only goes in circle
StrikeEngine TV
StrikeEngine TV 18 days ago
Ryan could have left more space. Probably.
Elsie Long
Elsie Long 19 days ago
That is the greatest. Love that kyle Busch. #1👋😏🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
Terry brown
Terry brown 19 days ago
Decent race, Chase good run, Blaney hard charger.
Tad Kowal
Tad Kowal 19 days ago
Maybelline ads? Really? Well at least it isn't the BS messaging one must sit through when watching the whole broadcast.
maddog8911capt 19 days ago
It's about time they use this part of the track
Dominik Dominik
Dominik Dominik 19 days ago
Może Amerykanie kupią mi bilecik na NASCAR mała zrzutka i jadę
Freddy Racer
Freddy Racer 19 days ago
Boring , hope the duels are a better race than this !
Karl 75
Karl 75 19 days ago
Americano é ruim demais em misto, braço duro
michael88h 19 days ago
Sport Is ruined
Marble Man 42
Marble Man 42 19 days ago
Never HateN
Never HateN 19 days ago
One of the best Clash they have had
Never HateN
Never HateN 19 days ago
Truex had the fastest car by far #19
Nascar Boy Navy 1
Nascar Boy Navy 1 19 days ago
belliot;sbinalla also elliot;brake checks himself by spinning another car busch;cya layer
Anh Pham
Anh Pham 19 days ago
fake cautions = not real racing
Hoof Hearted
Hoof Hearted 19 days ago
If there are cars stopped on the track, the caution must be used.
NoviRanger43 19 days ago
Ryan Blaney’s gonna be aggressive! He’s out front! AGGRESSIVE GOES AROUND!!
Luke Jameson
Luke Jameson 19 days ago
Kyle Busch in 2020: "It's still 2020." Kyle Busch in 2021: *NNYYYOOOOOOOOOM*
AustinDillonFan 3
AustinDillonFan 3 19 days ago
Best paint scheme of the night in my opinion was Bryons
debbie wilson
debbie wilson 19 days ago
No way not Kyle Busch
Joe Guilfoyle
Joe Guilfoyle 19 days ago
Well all of the Kyle bush haters must have hated this. Seeing is believing . First win for him in 2021 A LOT more to come . Bush win/clash win .Blaney got dumped . It going to be a good year . 👍👍👍👍👍
Hoof Hearted
Hoof Hearted 19 days ago
Busch will go winless
William Moynihan
William Moynihan 19 days ago
Blaney: Let me win please. Elliott: No. KFB: I'm about to ruin this mans whole career NEERRROOOOM
Blue Marvel
Blue Marvel 19 days ago
"I thought they were buddies" "Not anymore" LOL
serge glazunov
serge glazunov 19 days ago
Run these at cota, or vir, or rd atl. If they still used that high down force package there would have been better passing.
Paul Girard
Paul Girard 19 days ago
Dale must be rolling over in his grave. This is not Daytona stock car racing as true racing fans once knew.
Noah Freeman
Noah Freeman 19 days ago
I'm sure Dale is quite proud of how the motorsport has expanded and provided its fans with unexpected finishes, and crazy racing. People seem to forget, even Dale enjoyed the Daytona road course.
Roger Stamper
Roger Stamper 19 days ago
busch clash always turn left now road course more event!
DaaBoys2138 19 days ago
I’m glad Chase did that to Blaney after he blocked Erik not once but twice into the wall after Jones was going to win the race at Talldega last season. That Jones Boy is the best driver RPM has ever had, so Petty better do whatever it takes to improve those crap cars. Great job EJ very impressive top8 run it’s been a long time since the #43 has been that good at a road course 🔥🔥.
J SH 19 days ago
In all fairness, Blaney came down on Chase and turned himself.
KD Customs
KD Customs 20 days ago
" that had to make blaney feel a little bit better" 😂😂
Anthony F
Anthony F 20 days ago
KYLE !!!!!!! YEA BOY YEA. NEXT 500 buddy yea
Mike Caise
Mike Caise 20 days ago
Busch clash? More like Busch light clash
Mike Caise
Mike Caise 20 days ago
KB sucks. On a road course really
corey stanfill
corey stanfill 20 days ago
You could almost hear how hard ROWDY mashed the gas pedal when them boys got together... THANK YOU NASCAR, THIS IS GONNA BE A SEASON FOR THE AGES!
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey 20 days ago
Wow, I don't know why but I was just not interested in a road race. Saw one lap and and turned it off, went to bed.
Tree L. Bolling
Tree L. Bolling 19 days ago
Then you don't know what real racing is about Daniel Ramsey such as F1.
Brent 19 days ago
@123456789colton not really. Just the finish.
123456789colton 20 days ago
Looks like you missed an exciting race!
DON JOHNSON 20 days ago
These drivers are a joke, can’t pass anybody clean so reck them. Fucking amateurs
Hoof Hearted
Hoof Hearted 20 days ago
They had no practice or qualifying before the race.
Dat-Mudkip 20 days ago
Kyle Busch: Wait, it's not 2020 anymore. That means I'm allowed to win!
Ray Stickley
Ray Stickley 20 days ago
Hahahahaha Did I tell y’all that Kyle Busch was going to win
For a minute there I thought that was Jimmy in the 48
Alka-Seltzer Manager
I've been having that same problem
Michael Jimerson
Michael Jimerson 20 days ago
Blaney turned in on William Jr. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nicky D
Nicky D 20 days ago
my god clint is great in the booth real funny too chase did take out ryan and reddick i bet starts the big one sunday i swear that guy is a car pinball
Julian _
Julian _ 19 days ago
He brings some more energy and laughs out of Jeff too lol
Coasters Of Tomorrow
NASCAR Fans before 2021: “The clash on the oval ain’t good. Put it on the road course.” NASCAR: *moves clash to road course* Clash Road Course Race: *is run* NASCAR Fans: “Oh my gosh this race was so bad. Put it back on the oval. You know what? Nvm, screw NASCAR I’m done.” The toxic NASCAR fan base at its finest 😞
Ian Perry
Ian Perry 19 days ago
@Noah Freeman the only people saying it was boring and bad are the ones who already don’t like road racing or are just don’t like any change at all
Never HateN
Never HateN 19 days ago
Good race
Noah Freeman
Noah Freeman 20 days ago
people are saying it was boring? nascar road racing is some of the most exciting racing on 4 wheels.
Nicky D
Nicky D 20 days ago
right like it was a great race
pawpawdabs 20 days ago
Woooo Rowdy
spacecalander 20 days ago
These cars look stupid on this track, do it right guys.
spacecalander 19 days ago
@JJA1987 agreed
JJA1987 20 days ago
What’s stupid is the outcome tonight
Noah Freeman
Noah Freeman 20 days ago
doesnt matter if they look stupid, it was good racing and an awesome battle/finish in the closing laps. cant ask for much more
Antonio Ferraro
Antonio Ferraro 20 days ago
Live Free Moto
Live Free Moto 20 days ago
everyone locking up. turning left is to hard
Live Free Moto
Live Free Moto 19 days ago
@123456789colton they turn left and don't have to brake adding one more step was to much
123456789colton 20 days ago
They turn left every week. The correct sentence is they turn right. It's to hard...
JJA1987 20 days ago
Thanks A lot Blaney & 🖕 Kryle B****
Great start to kick off the season!
DennyDelivers 20 days ago
Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney: *Let me wi-...* KFB: *BUSCHHHHH* 🏁
anandguruji83 20 days ago
Tristan Ellis Gaming
Fucking bot
anandguruji83 20 days ago
Addrian Chavez
Addrian Chavez 20 days ago
Give me a shoutout
49ers Dog
49ers Dog 20 days ago