NASCAR Cup: O'Reilly Auto Parts 253 at Daytona | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/21/21 | Motorsports on NBC 

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Christopher Bell passes Joey Logano with two laps remaining at the Daytona Road Course and holds on for his first career NASCAR Cup Series victory in 38 starts. #NBCSports #NASCAR #ChristopherBell
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NASCAR Cup: O'Reilly Auto Parts 253 at Daytona | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/21/21 | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 21, 2021




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Comments 34   
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
Good to see Rheem In victory lane
fred benson
fred benson 7 days ago
joey can't just drive so he tries to block....sad
Dusti James
Dusti James 7 days ago
Lets be real, Chase was dominating & definitely was better than everybody else! If the caution didn't come out with rain he woulda won! They shouldn't thrown it, & Then Brad kept blocking when Chase was obviously faster & Brad held him up being a piece of 💩 & was all over the place about to wreck, then Denny wrecked Chase on purpose! They all hate him cuz hes the fan favorite & obviously better & cuz he won the championship! There all jealous haters just like all these Ignorant Chase haters lmfao! The 20 can think the 11 for winning. They all cry at night wishing they were as liked as Chase Elliott lol & all the Chase haters can say whatever they want but they know the truth lol be 💩 talking Ignorant a**holes lol
Baylin Lollis
Baylin Lollis 7 days ago
This may be a stupid question but did caution laps not count in this? Towards the end I notice a restart with 12 to go..... then a caution, and another restart with 10 to go. Unless the pace car picked up the field way before they reached the pit lane so it was open before the crossed the line for 11 to go that’s the only thing that makes sense to me.
Damian Chua
Damian Chua 7 days ago
Who are the commentators?
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
Bowyer,Gordon & Joy
Ben Myatt
Ben Myatt 7 days ago
Can’t believe y’all would throw a caution over a sprinkle. Y’all make this not even seem like a sport. It’s like women’s football.
Disciple 16
Disciple 16 7 days ago
What a 3 ring circus.
Disciple 16
Disciple 16 7 days ago
NASCAR has really went down hill. Caution for rain even tho they run a whipper blade.Go back to when racing was racing. Go back to the Winston Cup style. NASCAR is getting worse every year.
JJA1987 7 days ago
NASCAR Manufacturers Drama for Toyota to win
knuckler23 7 days ago
“Driver safety is bad”
Zach 7 days ago
I'm tired of hearing Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon go "OOHHH!!" Before they say anything.
Jackie Chiles
Jackie Chiles 7 days ago
@9:26 - "Kurt Busch. Pow!!" - Loving the commentary =D
LEGENDofMADDOG 8 days ago
2nd race in good direct gibbs equipment and wins. not surprised
Chris Hammer
Chris Hammer 8 days ago
These cars need to be put on road courses... this racing is much better to watch!
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
123456789colton 8 days ago
McDowell follows his win with P8. 😃😃😃😃😃😃
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
Not too bad
N. Warner
N. Warner 8 days ago
Bell wins. And that, children is why Jones is driving the 43.
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
Herman Schmidt
Herman Schmidt 8 days ago
Like watching my great grandfather eat an ice cream 🍦 hilarious
carbon Fiber
carbon Fiber 8 days ago
why do they cal-l a caution for rain when they have wipers and rain tires????????1
Inside the Mind of Catro
Don’t put the winner in the thumbnail and the hashtags. It makes it not a surprise who wins and makes me not want to come back to this channel to watch your summaries. Please stop doing this.
RecruitThrone6 8 days ago
Dat-Mudkip 8 days ago
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
Don't tell NBC what to do
rayzie 7 days ago
@crystaljon its a day after the race. it would be insane to assume everyone has seen it. When I watch the race live I don't care about the highlights anyway so this is mostly for people who didn't get to watch on the weekend.
The Beet Farmer
The Beet Farmer 7 days ago
@crystaljon I mean, not everyone can watch it live. They can put the winner in the thumbnail just not by himself after winning. Just makes the highlights more interesting. Still enjoy watching.
Dat-Mudkip 8 days ago
@crystaljon Well where else can I watch the highlights?
crystaljon 8 days ago
You really got to stop coming here if you're not expecting spoilers.
Tylerdigger2020 Productions
Holy sh*t! Christopher Bell's first Cup victory! He's swept all 3 series! (Trucks, Xfinity, Cup)
Burt P
Burt P 8 days ago
Oh and what they did to the Bus Stop is a joke...Almost a straight line now. Rolex cars are going to be able to drive through wide open now
Jayden Sanchez
Jayden Sanchez 8 days ago
Bro chill it was o lit for this one race they will change it back
Burt P
Burt P 8 days ago
Christopher Bell better look out for the penalty for standing the roof. The roof is going to fail the roof template check for being too low. Kids...Ya just can't trust them not to jump up on the roof...
Jared Richardson
Jared Richardson 8 days ago
The entire weekend was filled with action. Awesome event all around 👏👏👏
D brandon
D brandon 8 days ago
Blocking = You get wrecked
yes 8 days ago
Other than the questionable caution, I was at the race and it was excellent. I was engaged the entire time. The racing was some of the best I've seen on road courses. I really hope they bring it back next year
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
Ofcourse it's coming back
NASCARFAN93100 8 days ago
2021 O'Reilly Auto Parts 253: The BS Caution Show
CHEVROLET SS 78 6 days ago
It wasn't BS
FCE GAMING 8 days ago
This was what I thought it would be, a joke 😂😂 I hate road courses in NASCAR
Burt P
Burt P 8 days ago
Got the Indy road course and Circuit of the Americas yet to come. Those will be great racing
yes 8 days ago
It was a really good race I thought. I guess we'd rather watch two texas races instead?
Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson 8 days ago
Face gaming , they need more road courses in nascar . Winning on a road course is harder than any oval track.
FriedChicken 8 days ago
regular driver can't drive road courses tht's why
JJA1987 8 days ago
No he wasn’t Vandeventer what NASCAR pulled this weekend was absolutely atrocious
John Vandeventer the MLB baseball fan 2020
To Elliott fans complain, Bell was in the same situation as Elliott 🤷🏻‍♂️
Tammera Little
Tammera Little 7 days ago
I'm an Elliot fan, and of course I was yelling and pissed, but hey, he would have done the same if in that situation lmao it's called aggressive racing. If you don't do what you have to do for the win why are you in that profession..to kind of sum up what he said last week 🤷
Anh Pham
Anh Pham 8 days ago
These races would be more interesting with the right commentators. Would love to hear Martin Brundle’s opinion on this “racing”
Gmoneymelo Gaming
honestly this is partially the fans’ fault. Everyone had a hissy fit after Richmond last year because it wasn’t exciting enough (even though it was a great race) because there weren’t any wrecks and they weren’t fighting on the last lap. If you guys want true Motorsport you need to start acting like true Motorsport fans. Not every race has to be a stonker but y’all whine when it’s not. Now we have nascar throwing bs cautions to try and make you happy. Stay consistent! Because at the end of the day we all want stages and the playoffs gone. But y’all keep turning around and complaining that long green flag runs are boring. So please, shut up!
JJA1987 8 days ago
Another Fixed Deep Pockets Win for Smuck Gibbs - Thanks NASCAR for the fake rain caution 💩🗑💩
Cankles McDuffie
Cankles McDuffie 8 days ago
Come on @KyleBusch, learn how to drive. Can't believe that idiot ever won a championship.
anandguruji83 8 days ago
Kyle Gustafson
Kyle Gustafson 8 days ago
Idk if you are a bot but your consistency is awesome lol
anandguruji83 8 days ago
f1 monaco 2013 full race