Steve Letarte, Nate Ryan analyze Michael McDowell's win | NASCAR on NBC Podcast | Motorsports on NBC 

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Nate Ryan and Steve Letarte unpack the 63rd Daytona 500, including Michael McDowell's first career NASCAR Cup Series win, the performances of Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick, and more! #NBCSports #NASCAR #NASCAROnNBC
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Steve Letarte, Nate Ryan analyze Michael McDowell's win | NASCAR on NBC Podcast | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 16, 2021




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Comments 15   
LMAO 🤣 🤣 what is to analyze ?? Dumbass Joey blocks Brad. And your comment 2 guys going for the win is Ignorant !!! Joey didn't have a chance to block Brad PERIOD !!! It's not just racing It's someone who knew he wasn't going to win and did something stupid plain and simple !!
Reed Sorenson
Reed Sorenson 9 days ago
McDowell Did a great job
NolanEP 11 days ago
Let me help. McDowell caused a wreck and won the race because of it. Not judging it, just saying that's what happened.
RA 11 days ago
Steven DiBlasio
Steven DiBlasio 12 days ago
Looks like to me that McDowell was just staying glued to Keslowskis bumper and they both got blocked by Joey and they stacked up! Joey always blocks he is very aggressive but you can't blame him
Lana Navan
Lana Navan 11 days ago
Joey should have given brad a chance,
Aaron Springborn
Aaron Springborn 12 days ago
Nate. It was 2014 not 2004
mjac167 12 days ago
Let me help these two Bozos who are playing the NASCAR Politically Correct Game, McDowell deliberately spun Keselowski resulting in Keselowski taking out Lagano. Period. McDowell wants to celebrate that, go ahead. Lost all respect for NASCAR and there little game of white washing everything and absolutely all respect for NASCAR commentators who toe the line and do not tell the truth. This is the last time I will watch even highlights of a NASCAR race or even bother listening to any commentary. It is phony.
Garrison Stewart
Garrison Stewart 11 days ago
I don't blame him for pushing Keselowski. But I hate how people right it off as not being his fault. He definitely had something to do with it. Then he celebrates like nothing happened and never once said anything about the well-being of the drivers he wrecked. It's just poor sportsmanship
mjac167 12 days ago
@dlj9178 I would deliberately spin Keselowski, causing a chain reaction accident destroying millions of dollars of racing equipment and risk the lives of over 10 of my fellow drivers. Then I would wildly celebrate my victory...Right.
RD 12 days ago
It was just two champions going for the win, nobody's fault other than restricted HP engines resulting in pack racing. I am Kes and Logano fan but good for McDowell.
dlj9178 12 days ago
So tell me this. What would you guys do if you were in McDowell's seat on the last lap of the Daytona 500?
Garrison Stewart
Garrison Stewart 12 days ago
NBC is just a joke for NASCAR. But the majority got it wrong this time. It was clear that keselowski was spinning the other way before Logano started wrecking. People are just blind these days to sense
Cankles McDuffie
Cankles McDuffie 13 days ago
Hey @NBC do us all a favor and fire @JeffBurton. Your broadcasts would be a lot better!
MrKylekja15k 13 days ago
McDowell caused that crash! Open your fucking eyes!
Tate Chasers
Tate Chasers 13 days ago
So Mcdowell wrecks the #2 car into the #1 car, taking them both out, am I the only one who saw this. I remember Casey Mears doing this in 2008. cost Jr a championship.
Rob James
Rob James 12 days ago
if you were driving the 34, would you have lifted???
Garrison Stewart
Garrison Stewart 12 days ago
Guess the majority are bling these days
Yes you are the only one who saw this! McDowell gave a great push to Keslowski, Lagano went for the block on the run way too late and they wrecked because of it. McDowell did nothing wrong at all!
overhead18 13 days ago
"Blocking" on a super speedway directly resulted in the death of this sports all time star and yet here we are still talking about blocking accidents on super speedways so many years later. It is just a matter of time until it happens again.
*9*Chase Elliott*9*
I think just about all the drivers would say that you move over, but very few would actually do it
Matt W
Matt W 13 days ago
Steve brings up so many great points about the race. It really makes you think. Great show!
NASCARFAN93100 13 days ago
Best Moment of Daytona Speedweek has to go to Michael McDowell's Daytona 500 victory
Reed Sorenson
Reed Sorenson 9 days ago
drake Reep 17
drake Reep 17 13 days ago
First view