Supercross Round 6 Indy Preview: Ken Roczen or Eli Tomac's title to win? | Motorsports on NBC 

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Will Christien, Ricky Carmichael, and Daniel Blair debate whether Ken Roczen can win his first title or if Eli Tomac will be the one to spoil his chances, discuss what Jett Lawrence needs to change to be successful, and whether Christian Craig has anything for teammate Colt Nichols. #NBCSports #Supercross #KenRoczen #EliTomac
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Supercross Round 6 Indy Preview: Ken Roczen or Eli Tomac's title to win? | Motorsports on NBC


Published on


Feb 4, 2021




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Comments 82   
D Beoug
D Beoug 22 days ago
nice gatewy
D C 23 days ago
LMAO @ the picture on the video before it starts. Showing a really old pic of roczen on a suzuki... And tomac on a honda
Dan K
Dan K 23 days ago
Roc has a new bike. That's the difference. No one mentions that
Tell it As I see it
Everybody has a plan for the whoops... until you get punched in the mouth.
Joshua Rainier
Joshua Rainier 23 days ago
Sick thumbnail
Allen byer
Allen byer 23 days ago
Here we go Kenny looking good this year while ET lurking. I agree with Ricky especially when Eli can't get out of the gate up front. But we all know if Eli goes into beast mode game over.
Ryan Skaggs
Ryan Skaggs 23 days ago
even though i am a huge eli tomac fan ken roczen really deserves the championship he had been through so much he deserves it
david haworth
david haworth 24 days ago
Free Blake Baggett
Tide16nc 24 days ago
I said it last season, that Kenny would do it this year. If he’ll keep starting well, I believe he’ll only get stronger. He seems to be the most focused.
Gibs O
Gibs O 24 days ago
Hype Hype Hype, I hope Ken doesn't listen to all of it and keeps it focused, it's way too early to call it a clear favorite
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith 24 days ago
80cc race of Champions Englishtown,nj Turned out great buddy... Really nice job Will and co host's... Hope that crash Lawrence is okay... Relax have to go slow to go fast... Good luck riders. To the sponsors and team owners thank yous and personal that's keeping it happen... Amazing job...
B. Wilson Frazier
B. Wilson Frazier 24 days ago
Colt is one of the nicest guys at the track, always has been. Really hope to see him get it this year.
Dan Diaz
Dan Diaz 24 days ago
a smart rider like Tomac is still my favorite to win. you dont need to win all the races, you just need to be consistent.
UN3DER 24 days ago
Is it just me or is Will Christien and Daniel Blair in the same house???
Toby Dog
Toby Dog 23 days ago
It a hotel room.
Ceramic Tile Pro LLC
Goat, your comments about Jett are way off, he's a youngster with more talent than you ever have, he is putting more pressure on himself, Johnny O will give him the sit down to slow his pony down a bit and let the race come to him, and focus on consistent riding.
Guillermo Pérez
Guillermo Pérez 24 days ago
The GOAT knows! What a better name!! The hardest working rider ever. Love what he is doing now. Anyone racing should be listening to him.
monocogenit1 24 days ago
Willllllllll!!!! Why are you so pretty??? Why? Whhhhhyyy? Lol
Purple Head
Purple Head 24 days ago
RC is struggling in the booth in my opinion and the commentary is pretty poor this season. Emig was the best for giving rider insight and calling the state of a race as it develops. The outdoors coverage is so much better and thats because of GL who is the best at it, shame the indoors don't get Emig back to up their game because it needs it
dbmbrbkb 24 days ago
I wish Kenny all the best after all these bad crashes in the past!
Alexander Schroth
Alexander Schroth 24 days ago
Did anybody figured out that Daniel Blair and Will Christian are in the same room ? :D Or same Hotel at least :P
Edwin Lomonaco
Edwin Lomonaco 24 days ago
I think it's safe to say we're all fans of Jet. But I think he just wants too much. He's gotta just settle down and relax. To me it looks like he's trying too hard. Which I'm not against. He's passionate. And I like it. But he can win if he just calm down a bit. Or not. Just settle in and take a 2nd. Better than crashing.
Brick House
Brick House 24 days ago
Everyone forgetting about cincurillo
jordy peerens
jordy peerens 24 days ago
Roczen s the best rider in.the hole world!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤😍😍💪💪💪💪💪 he is the only one in 2016 with a STOCK SUZUKI THE HOLE DEAL BUT IF he in 2017 not get hurt nobody cant bead him that year but yeah but hees olmost on hees top.of 2016 allmost ..!!!!! Believe me !!!! Its a long season but lok to the facts!!! ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍👌👌👌👌☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝✊✊✊✊✊✊💪💪💪💪
Eric Morris
Eric Morris 24 days ago
Pre season they like ken don't got mean year left to get it but then a lot of theas 250 guys closer in age to ken that jet maby there should be a class for theas boys to get some momentum after you 22 you have the man strength as they say but had for a fast kid to be consistent the the men bit of a head thing i wood think
Greg Racing
Greg Racing 24 days ago
This year its Ken Roczen year , next year maybe someone can bend bars with him
olddogz 24 days ago
too soon to say only 33% races has taken place
bigrainbow25 24 days ago
I wish Ricky Carmichael would put his helmet on and do the track preview like he used to... I still think he could be competitive first day on the line
xd_gangster69 24 days ago
he is like 2 points ahead and you guys want to call it for Roczen already. everyone did the same thing last year and look what happened. you guys need to wait till like round 10
Juan Juan Garcia
Juan Juan Garcia 24 days ago
Man these are so high in the air
asack_208 24 days ago
rc talking about how jett needs to quit making mistakes and has plenty of races under his belt but yet here is another year that once again forkner has thrown it away.
L 8
L 8 24 days ago
Why do they always use old photos for the thumbnails?
HunterK155 24 days ago
Love these videos. Keep them up!
Austin Randall
Austin Randall 24 days ago
Roczen has a new found aggression. He has always been a bit passive when it came to making a pass or giving up the lead. Seems to have found that perfect balance. Roczen for the title!
Mike Toney
Mike Toney 23 days ago
That New Found Aggression is HUNGER and Tired of having Leads and Letting Cooper Webb Snatch Him at The End of Races!! It’s Your Year Ken!!
Black Jack
Black Jack 24 days ago
Taking the outdoors season off looks like it certainly helped....let’s hope this doesn’t become the norm
Rick Rossi
Rick Rossi 24 days ago
We were all hoping you guys would know about JETT'S condition and if he is going to race Saturday?
Caddy Jim
Caddy Jim 24 days ago
I think *Eli* was scared to put aggressive pass on *Justin* he was clearly faster, probably smart because he knew it would have caused a retaliation possibly going down losing more points if not possible injury
Tide16nc 24 days ago
I’m not sure scared is the correct word. I think after all the past they have, Tomac wasn’t willing to risk a Barcia temper fit and cause him to crash and lose points. He definitely settled, but I believe he finally learned to use his head. Good points and he’s still sitting good.
John Fields
John Fields 24 days ago
I have noticed Tomac avoiding some confrontations lately,he let Roczen off at least twice in the main... he’s not scared he’s a smart and crafty veteran in it for they long game. Not a Tomac fan btw lol .
Lance Rains
Lance Rains 24 days ago
Not scared smart
Tom Mills
Tom Mills 24 days ago
Seeing Ken push the baby stroller!
Mark Morrison
Mark Morrison 24 days ago
JC Animals
JC Animals 24 days ago
Tomac is the dirtiest rider out there. Why do they never talk about his antics?
Droptuned 83
Droptuned 83 23 days ago
Nah bro, he really isn't
JC Animals
JC Animals 24 days ago
@Glenn Danzigg Nice thought! Lol
Glenn Danzigg
Glenn Danzigg 24 days ago
You’re a fucking idiot
hallaisback 24 days ago
Like what? I’m not saying I disagree I’ve just never noticed before
Dave Meredith
Dave Meredith 24 days ago
Looks like Will and Daniel are in the same room. La la la!
Jonathan hamby
Jonathan hamby 24 days ago
Yeah it couldn't possibly be that there employer put them up at the same hotel, where all the rooms look exactly the same!
Jim Williamson
Jim Williamson 24 days ago
Go Coop !
Reese 24 days ago
It's way to early to predict yet, it's professional Supercross ANYTHING can happen!
Reese 24 days ago
Anyone could wipe out and get injured at anytime and an unsuspecting new Champion could emerge it's crazy out there top 10 is close!
Juan Juan Garcia
Juan Juan Garcia 24 days ago
Time will tell
scott peitavino
scott peitavino 24 days ago
where's Ralph Shaheen?????
Aleks Nestserau
Aleks Nestserau 24 days ago
He’s fired.
its rickaoz
its rickaoz 24 days ago
Imtheone VanHalen
Imtheone VanHalen 24 days ago
Wait till Barcia face-plants a few times......riding waaay over his head, and the first time Tomac had passed this last race, Barcia would have Kamikazed him off the track... Note ALL of the easy dirty passes Tomac could have made on Barcia with this race...why Tomac allowed Roczen that easy pass last race???...Maybe this is Eli's final season?? BUT......I'll bet Ken is really in for it at Daytona...Tomac is the King there............
Charlie Mike
Charlie Mike 24 days ago
Baker factory not doing much...
flyfishincrazy 25 days ago
Never count Webb out!
Exotics 4 Life
Exotics 4 Life 24 days ago
Webb is sneaky dangerous, Unlike Tomac if Webb is anywhere near Ken or Tomac in the late stage of the race Webb will putt you of the track if need be to get the win. Tomac is great but Webb will dive bomb you.
Kaylib Doughty
Kaylib Doughty 25 days ago
ROCCCZZZZzeeeeeennnnn season, he deserves it!
Tyler Taylor
Tyler Taylor 23 days ago
@Lance Rains lol
Lance Rains
Lance Rains 24 days ago
You never win or become a Champion because you deserve it... you do so because you earn it..
Random Videos
Random Videos 24 days ago
He sure does I really hope he gets it
Mick Pentoney
Mick Pentoney 25 days ago
Webb or Tomac Champion. Daytona and Atlanta favor them. Both know how to win Supercross championships, second half of season will wear Roczen down!
John Wren
John Wren 25 days ago
Who’s the babe?
Tom Cumby 111
Tom Cumby 111 25 days ago
Don't count ur chickins before they hatch
fishexcavator 25 days ago
Why didn't we have any sound on NBC sports
bigrainbow25 25 days ago
Roxzen s arms never get tired... that's because their Bionic... okay seriously after everything he's been through I hope he wins the championship...
Jake Blizzard
Jake Blizzard 25 days ago
Kenny 2021
Lance Rains
Lance Rains 25 days ago
Basically at this point anybody who wins it has gotta beat Ken by half a dozen points or more to make it legit....
Lance Rains
Lance Rains 25 days ago
If Ken doesn't make any major mistakes or get injured he will probably win himself a Supercross title.....
Greg 25 days ago
please stop talking about Jeff Lawrence - you overhyped him last year; and he's good...but you focus way too much on him... there's other riders on the track.
chris abernethy
chris abernethy 24 days ago
@Ranger Rick but it’s also the 250 class. Your point would be more valid if he was waxing the guys in 450 with ease
chris abernethy
chris abernethy 24 days ago
@Ranger Rick true
Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick 24 days ago
But how often do you see a freakin 17 year old beating all those top pro racers?! It's amazing. That's why he gets talked about so much
chris abernethy
chris abernethy 24 days ago
And i am Aussie also
Charlie Mike
Charlie Mike 24 days ago
Yeah, it’s a bit over the top to say the least. They’re really pushing him big time-feels weird. I like the kid, don’t get me wrong, but they are shoving him down our throats. Meanwhile Colt is killing it and gets a little attaboy... I guess there’s always an agenda.
Thomas Doheny
Thomas Doheny 25 days ago
I never realized how beautiful Will Christianson is ❤️ she knows supercross , motorcross and is smoking HOT😍 best of all that ACCENT Dammmm!!!!!
Ky Angler
Ky Angler 25 days ago
My wife won the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 500 dollar gift card at Indy 2 the other night. It made it way more cool given the fact that Colt announced her name after his heat win. Thanks Rocky Mountain!
Maurer Flooring
Maurer Flooring 24 days ago
That's badass, congrats!!!
Byron Wins
Byron Wins 24 days ago
Mark Duncan
Mark Duncan 25 days ago
Bring back Emig to the booth!!!!
dord dordy
dord dordy 23 days ago
and Ralph.... they were an unbeatable pair... I'll never understand why they felt the need to remove them :(
Deano Lupi
Deano Lupi 25 days ago
We want David Bailey and Jeff Emig back
dord dordy
dord dordy 23 days ago
two of the best... and Ralph too
Deano Lupi
Deano Lupi 25 days ago
Kenny will win- 100%- he just looks like the champion in his riding
jcobra09 24 days ago
I feel like ET3 has yet to catch fire and when he does, KRoc’s going to have to push out of his comfort zone. I honestly think Eli still has another gear that others can’t match
Charlie Mike
Charlie Mike 24 days ago
Don’t jinx him man!
Deano Lupi
Deano Lupi 25 days ago
I miss David Bailey too- please quit wearing masks- we cannot understand you - Ricky is great- but the others arent helping suoercross-
Imtheone VanHalen
Imtheone VanHalen 24 days ago
@Deano Lupi Covid alert!!!..should be registered as a complete moron....Trump voter?
Deano Lupi
Deano Lupi 25 days ago
@RubbishFPS no the masks- you cannot understand them - that's all - just the facts 💯 keeping real
RubbishFPS 25 days ago
They dont sound any different or have any issues hearing them cause of a thin piece of fabric. Go whine elsewhere.
mrabrasive51 25 days ago
Tomac is not running people down like he was a few years ago..unless Roczen has a bad crash he will get his title!
mrabrasive51 24 days ago
@Sterben only because they had higher lap times as the race progressed..tomac never gained any time on Roczen..
Sterben 24 days ago
Probably because the field is so stacked, but he walked through the field last weekend
Darrin Keith
Darrin Keith 25 days ago
I miss Imig
J Miller
J Miller 25 days ago
Did anyone else notice that they took that tough block out of play after that and they also did away with the corner tough block that was causing the problems to riders getting stuck on?
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams 25 days ago
Yea I noticed too
TRACY ALLEN 25 days ago
Don't count out Webb...
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 25 days ago
Im sorry they are good him and her but i need Fro back the man has been the face of supercross for decades he needs a hall of fame spot i guess he will have to die before people wake up
Will Haley
Will Haley 25 days ago
So cool to see the goat is still kicking it!
mike golden
mike golden 25 days ago
Byron Wins
Byron Wins 24 days ago
He’s a one hit a year wonder
Speedcat514 24 days ago
His form has gotten better this year, he's just too inconsistent right now to be considered a threat
scott peitavino
scott peitavino 24 days ago
I hate the way they don't consider (Barcia) a serious threat. I hope he smokes all of them!! JB51🏁🏆🍾💰🇺🇸
Douglas Grosch
Douglas Grosch 25 days ago
Need to speak proper english for americans to hear understand while your screaming as a journalist in the moment on track/slow down Will Christian. .accent skreeaatch go Bob Hannah.....braaaap
Douglas Grosch
Douglas Grosch 24 days ago
@Aleks Nestserau listen to her while a race is going on... slang should not be used in America sports Television. while a race going on . its America not England/Australia ect... we you us cant understand it sometimes.. like broken spanish - sucks truth
Aleks Nestserau
Aleks Nestserau 24 days ago
What are you talking about? English is my second language and I understand everything she says.
donny griffin
donny griffin 24 days ago
She’s very hard to understand. Very frustrating trying to listen to her during the broadcast. Maybe take the mask off.
BrodyRichard263 25 days ago
Of course it's their title to win same to 250 class if Colt doesn't win this title it's completely his fault it's right there for the taking they just got to go for it I've not seen somebody riding dominate like Ken has I would say since James Stewart but honestly ever I mean ever the guy is astonishing
Michael Grubbs
Michael Grubbs 25 days ago
Answer, Craig is not as fast. He needs to go faster. Maybe put down the US-first videos. What do you think Ricky and Daniel?
Michael Grubbs
Michael Grubbs 25 days ago
Nice broadcast gang. I want RC to Mentor someone, much like O'Meara is doing with Lawrence. A little off topic but
Juan Juan Garcia
Juan Juan Garcia 24 days ago
Yeah they do a good job
Seaeff 25 days ago
It’s different. And he has. Joey savatgy did for a while. Difference between O’mara and RC is O’mara became an insane mountain cyclist and studied training fitness cardio etc. RC is now a commentator.
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 25 days ago
Ken will win by the way tomac is epic sonetimes but ken is a constant threat
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 25 days ago
And who is the british ladie in Ralphs seat this is like a horrible nightmare! The Goat is always Epic and supercross will always shine but this is unfortunate
Thomas Doheny
Thomas Doheny 25 days ago
Dude totally agree his voice is annoying as Fuc like that guy who commentates the GPs
jjj023 25 days ago
I still miss David Bailey. He was so spot on and seemingly KNEW what was coming. His years of racing I suppose.
mark blankenship
mark blankenship 25 days ago
Yeah, David was an awesome commentator. Wish they have him back even for short stints. This new guy with Ricky sucks.
Aaron Fawcett
Aaron Fawcett 25 days ago
100 percent totally agree! David was the best commentator of all time.
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 25 days ago
Where is Fro? And who is that guy sitting in Fro's seat this feels very unsettling
Robert Nussbaum
Robert Nussbaum 25 days ago
10 more races left
Mike Toney
Mike Toney 25 days ago
I Think Ken Will Win It.. It was Eli Year last Year! You Could Tell Early just like you can tell right now for Ken!!
Bart S
Bart S 25 days ago
Metric Hotrods
Metric Hotrods 25 days ago
Dave Blair is really good...reminds me of Marty Reid with more background knowledge. Wilhelmina is the real MVP though, with that cute little Redcoat accent.
Joe Guilfoyle
Joe Guilfoyle 25 days ago
Nice to see the GOAT
Silver blade
Silver blade 25 days ago
I think Kenny will sweep out indy
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