Supercross Round 5: Roczen repeats; Nichols three-peats; Lawrence’s rough ride | Motorsports on NBC 

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Todd Harris, Ricky Carmichael, Will Christien, and Daniel Blair recap Round 5 from Indy, where Ken Roczen wins two-straight races for the first time since 2017, Colts Nichols stays hot, and Jett Lawrence gets banged up. #NBCSports #Supercross #KenRoczen
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Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship on the planet visiting 13 different states in 2019. Over 17 weeks and a million-dollar All-Star Race, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America to race in front of nearly one million live fans and broadcast to millions more worldwide.
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Supercross Round 5: Roczen repeats; Nichols three-peats; Lawrence’s rough ride | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 2, 2021




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Comments 36   
Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa 2 days ago
why the guys down on stadium are using masks wile two others in studio are not using it ?!! maybe corona virus can take you on stadium but cannot in the studio ???? thats garbage !! we are all full of this global felony that the current Biden US government are following and working with against Americans...
Flat Earth Frank Da Tank
I don't understand why these guys don't wear some kind of shoulder protection. I see a lot of shoulder injuries when guys go over the bars.
FEBBY SETH'S 22 days ago
5:47 it's really make me laugh how kenny went really wide to avoid classic bambam style
Casey Anderson
Casey Anderson 13 days ago
@Jay Omodeo is barcia a dirty rider?
Jay Omodeo
Jay Omodeo 20 days ago
Who want to deal with the most dirtiest rider🤷🏻‍♂️🤮
Mxlife 24
Mxlife 24 23 days ago
You guys really shouldn’t put the winner of the title. For the people who don’t watch it on tv can’t watch it on US-first either because you guys just spoil it in the title
Matthew Sommerville
Well that was fun coming to watch highlights and instead listening to commentator analysis.
MrBobbit666 23 days ago
Mosiman is a a bum jett needs to show him his place in the food chain no one had been a hyped like jett since bubba
MrBobbit666 24 days ago
These Wall jumps on every track are So overrated!!!!
Mobiledetail123 25 days ago
Anyone else find it ironic/moronic that those on the track commenting wearing masks... while those inside commenting not.... I’m thankful for the network bringing us supercross buuut dying a little inside for the decisions they most likely are forcing on people working the race...
Brian Quinton
Brian Quinton 25 days ago
Why are they wearing those stupid masks?
Luke Beerls
Luke Beerls 25 days ago
Why do they wear mask when there outside looks stupid and no need for them
Jerry Wright
Jerry Wright 25 days ago
Why is Ricky and the new guy are in the same room without masks, while Jenny and Daniel are standing by themselves with masks? How bout we just stop the mask Charade?
Trevor Carre
Trevor Carre 25 days ago
When Nichols passed Mosiman, was Nichols jumping on a yellow flag?
Many S1
Many S1 24 days ago
Yea but Mosiman was in the crash
Toma's 25 days ago
Toma's 25 days ago
DON JOHNSON 25 days ago
E Older
E Older 26 days ago
I wonder if you tied her hands if she could talk?
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 26 days ago
Spoilt the result by naming winners in the title.. Blah blah blah way too much talking for about 10 seconds of actual 450 race footage.. Then loads more talking about crashing.. Terrible effort NBC.
A A 26 days ago
Maybe you should’ve watched the highlights first.
remote control
remote control 26 days ago
The mark of a champ. Remember when RC stumbled over himself when he started doing race analysis. He couldn't complete a sentence. Now he's even better than Fro. No surprise if he become 5-time race commentator champ, too.
Mark 26 days ago
TV people can distance without masks why can't you all have yours down while distancing? Its all fake control.
Schnitzelboy69 yeah boy
I mean... whos not a fan of ken roczen?
Octane & Mayhem
Octane & Mayhem 26 days ago
NBC officially ruined Supercross 2021. Thanks. 👍
Eric H
Eric H 26 days ago
Bummed for Mosiman, seems like a good guy.
TheRealPathfinder 26 days ago
Ken better keep riding the way he is Eli is coming for him
Christopher Villarreal
I don’t care what anyone says nothing is more shrill than listening to women commentate on male sporting events... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Christopher Villarreal
@Matt Jones no one said it was, I said it was SHRILL!!! Chalk boards to my fucking ears!
A A 26 days ago
She’s fine af
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 26 days ago
Jesus christ man, its not the 1950's
Team Canelo
Team Canelo 26 days ago
Bro theses races need to be at 7 or 8 cuz I cant be up at 1 am on a school night cuz my dad will get mad but I watched last night Roczen just check out I love supercross off road I love it
A Higher Vibe
A Higher Vibe 26 days ago
No mention of Officials throwing the Checkered flag for the 250 main one lap early?
Charlie Mike
Charlie Mike 24 days ago
I heard they screwed up by giving the white to 2nd place instead of Colt... either way...
DJP381 26 days ago
Yeah they swept that one under rug. But if someone gets loose and goes off the track and rides around a tuff block or two they’re all over that lol
Hunter Kight
Hunter Kight 26 days ago
Fr. Like it’s no big deal
Christopher Beahn
Christopher Beahn 26 days ago
You should be fired. You have the easiest job in the world but you can't manage to name youtube videos correctly. You don't deserve this job. Why spoil the ending?
Tin Bender
Tin Bender 26 days ago
Colt has been The Man In Black and stepped up his balance. So smooooth... Ken is showing his maturity with how comfortable and gallant that finish was. Keep them elbows up and focus forward Y'all!!!
KITT Racing
KITT Racing 26 days ago
Always fun to watch when they’re all grouped together.
kacyidso 26 days ago
Spoiler alert! Don’t read the title if you don’t want to know who wins! LOL
Ryan Ponte
Ryan Ponte 26 days ago
Idk why they would title it that, literally ruins it for anyone who missed the race like wtf
kacyidso 26 days ago
Spoiler alert! Don’t read the title! Thanks NBC
HFR83 26 days ago
Not a spoiler if you watched it live
brettmx96 26 days ago
More talking than race highlights. God someone needs to fire whoever makes these garbage videos.
55tmilam 26 days ago
They are hung up on Jett Lawrence
P J 27 days ago
8:44 Can't these bozos find a spot with no backup alarms?
The hunt 365
The hunt 365 27 days ago
Take off the masks
HFR83 25 days ago
@DH Projects Someone deleted my comment lol
SkullzHD 25 days ago
@DH Projects its their choice bro free speech on or off doesn't matter
DH Projects
DH Projects 26 days ago
@HFR83 take them off dumbfuck
SkullzHD 26 days ago
@Grizzz its their choice
Grizzz 26 days ago
@HFR83 take them off
GotoGames 27 days ago
Drum Ninja
Drum Ninja 27 days ago
Are you serious? You spoil the race right in the title?! Why even post a video if you're gonna do that. Wow, it showed about 1 minute of 450 main racing and 10 minutes of boring talking. What happened, NBC?
HFR83 26 days ago
You could just watch it live as it happens like a normal person. They reaired it at 11pm. You had 2 chances to watch it. Kinda dumb to complain about the highlights spoiling the winner.
Richard Pacheco
Richard Pacheco 27 days ago
They posted the highlights before this, you weirdo
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