Supercross Round 6: Ken Roczen sweeps in Indy, Colt Nichols’ rollercoaster main | Motorsports on NBC 

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Todd Harris, Ricky Carmichael, Will Christien and Daniel Blair look back at another thrilling night in Indy as Ken Roczen continued to dominate in the 450 Main. #NBCSports #Supercross #KenRoczen
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Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship on the planet visiting 13 different states in 2019. Over 17 weeks and a million-dollar All-Star Race, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America to race in front of nearly one million live fans and broadcast to millions more worldwide.
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Supercross Round 6: Ken Roczen sweeps in Indy, Colt Nichols’ rollercoaster main | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 6, 2021




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Comments 25   
Fast Freddys
Fast Freddys 13 days ago
Go Ken! I would love to see Team Honda win a supercross championship! I remember in the 80's team Honda was unstoppable. Baily,Hannah, Johnson, Omara, it was so cool watching them win the world championship and getting awarded by president Reagon.oh and in case i forget Danny "Magoo" Chandler. God rest his soul. I know mister Honda is looking down and rooting for you brother. I don't think HRC was ever the same in moto cross since he passed away. Good job Ken, you got this brother.
pheno hunter
pheno hunter 18 days ago
RC should design and build the next track
Matthew Sommerville
Really enjoyed the 10 seconds of racing. Thanks NBC!!!
Jakob P
Jakob P 20 days ago
i am suprised how all different experts make the lapper incidents a smaller thing than they are. jett didnt jump of the track cause his shock rebounded, he went of because lappers! also he did not get overtaken by nichols, but jett was held up completely! why do the ynever mention it how it realy is?
Ryan Dalziel
Ryan Dalziel 21 day ago
First time i heard Jet open his mouth obnoxious just poured out all over the place. Then he's riding like a spode. I hope Colt spanks him all season.
motoklx 22 days ago
Kenny pays tribute to Bob Marleys birthday, much respect. Tomac has retirement on his mind, so tired of RC going on about Cooper Web, get over it, Kenny all the way
whoever does the music should be terminated with extreme prejudice
@Waltz V with extreme prejudice.
Waltz V
Waltz V 18 days ago
TheHypnotstCollector how
Trinidad Sanchez
Trinidad Sanchez 22 days ago
Ricky looking great 😁
scott peitavino
scott peitavino 22 days ago
I'm becoming a huge Shimoda fan!! that kids got personality too!! i think we'll see more of him- due to his cool head, patience, and consistency. GO SHMO!!!!
Derek Toney
Derek Toney 22 days ago
Stop giving away the results in the title... why would we waste our time watching the video if you spoil the ending....
Waltz V
Waltz V 18 days ago
kepler240 if you want to watch Supercross search off-road videos and they have full highlights of all the races
kepler240 21 day ago
Exactly!!! That ruins it for people like me who can't watch it live.
LostInPA 22 days ago
I don’t know what’s more dangerous to riders, Vince Friese or tough blocks.
Eric H
Eric H 22 days ago
Vince needs to just accept the fact that he isn't a top guy. So stupid for him to cross jump someone who is lapping him. They should've black flagged him and fined him.
cannonshomes 22 days ago
Stop putting the name of the winner in the title...please. Round 6 highlights would be just fine.
cannonshomes 20 days ago
@hoffert gaming hey”Dude” when you search for highlights this show’s up with the winner in the title. It doesn’t seem like that big of a request to leave the winner out of the title? Maybe try to understand the concept of the statement before you rush to judge. I for one don’t care if it’s highlights, extended highlights, or post race. I wish they would just leave the winner out of the title.
kepler240 21 day ago
kepler240 21 day ago
@hoffert gaming yeah, but when people, like myself, who can't watch it live, we rely on US-first and when we scroll down to find the race, we don't want the winner to be shown in the title because that ruins it.
hoffert gaming
hoffert gaming 22 days ago
Dude this is the post race show not the highlights that’s a different video. It’s a show where they talk about what happened in the race.
ruscle123 22 days ago
First off barcia and ken get along and its seen at the end of many races. You can see ken swipes in early out of the corner and barcia didn't expect it. Early in the race when the adrenaline is flowing. Barcia just got caught off guard trying to get up front quick. It happens. I'm sure they'll have a laugh about it
Ryan Barker
Ryan Barker 22 days ago
Yeah he deliberately slammed into Ken.
Jud citizen
Jud citizen 22 days ago
Blair's comment about Barcia running into Ken is maybe the dumbest thing ever said about a supercross race.
Jud citizen
Jud citizen 15 days ago
@AKmotorider150 Yes, Barcia ramming Ken like that was not an attempted pass; it was an attempted takedown. And the idea that Barcia was unable to stop when he realized he would T-bone Ken is absurd. That's not okay. It's not demolition derby.
AKmotorider150 18 days ago
LOL I just heard his commentary, and I agree. It makes me wonder if he has raced before. Because frankly, it sounds like he has no idea what he's talking about.
HFR83 22 days ago
Way to go Kenny! Barcia still a scrub. Jett Lawrence needs to get his pace up or just get out of the way.
Kyle Armstrong
Kyle Armstrong 22 days ago
I’m here for all the V.Freese comments. Dude is having a year!!
LostInPA 22 days ago
He’s a hazard to himself and everyone else this year.
tim Bernard
tim Bernard 22 days ago
Cheap shot Barcia!! but you got yours! Ken Roxen this is your year!!!
Jordan Hillard
Jordan Hillard 20 days ago
@eddie rocket Barcia was trying to make a move before Ken started walking away. Taking someone high isn't dirty, and that's what barcia would have done if his assumption about Kennys line was correct. It wasnt, and it therefore caused a racing incident. Nothing more to it really.
eddie rocket
eddie rocket 20 days ago
@Jordan Hillard maybe barcia should stay in line instead. Barcia will never be mature and wants to race Clean.
Jordan Hillard
Jordan Hillard 21 day ago
It was just a racing incident. Roczen cut down the corner and Barcia wasn't expecting him to do that. If Roczen stayed in the high line (like Barcia probably thought he would), Barcia would've been nowhere near Rozcen.
Seaeff 22 days ago
Are we going to talk about how it’s far past time the for the AMA to pull friese’s pro license? Once or twice okay 3 times? Alright man cmon. Now we’re on like 7 times it’s a joke.
kepler240 22 days ago
Thanks for ruining it by showing who wins in the title. That's so NOT cool. STOP doing that!!!
A A 22 days ago
@kepler240 I never said watch it “live” and you’re gonna call me an idiot?
kepler240 22 days ago
@HFR83 this is a highlight dumbass.
HFR83 22 days ago
@kepler240 Well you need to make time or just watch the highlights.....the bitching is annoying. DVR is also an option GENIUS
cannonshomes 22 days ago
@A A not everyone can watch it live
kepler240 22 days ago
@HFR83 if I could watch it live, I wouldn't need to watch it on US-first
Gigi and Sav
Gigi and Sav 22 days ago
Ken Roczen #94 Strong 🔥💪😎🏁🥇Riding For Bob Marley Super Stoked. Great Riding man. Happy 🎂 Birthday.🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
zr riff
zr riff 23 days ago
Ken Roczen got it together.
Mark mcmahen
Mark mcmahen 23 days ago
Bad job calling the race. Absolutely ridiculous this guy called everything and everyone wrong! Where's Jeff Emig to commentate???
Seaeff 22 days ago
Not to mention on the last fucking lap the broadcast switches to show a pass Cooper made 2 weeks ago? They’re literally a second apart on the last lap and they show something else.
Justin Walker
Justin Walker 23 days ago
Good job Roczen
HFR83 22 days ago
@Jerry seeley or you just do it n mind your business
Jerry seeley
Jerry seeley 23 days ago
Take those stupid self suffocation devices off your out doors !