Supercross Round 8: Webb sweeps Orlando, Cooper shines in debut | Motorsports on NBC 

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Leigh Diffey, Ricky Carmichael and Will Christien recap Supercross Round 8 in Orlando, including Cooper Webb sweeping the 450 races and Justin Cooper’s victory in his debut for the 250 West Class. #NBCSports #Supercross #CooperWebb
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Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship on the planet visiting 13 different states in 2019. Over 17 weeks and a million-dollar All-Star Race, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America to race in front of nearly one million live fans and broadcast to millions more worldwide.
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Supercross Round 8: Cooper Webb Sweeps Orlando, Justin Cooper shines in debut | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 23   
Symon Says TV
Symon Says TV 2 days ago
Saw the mask. Stopped watching.
Why is Wil wearing a mask? It's stupid, unnecessary and just stoopid. I want to see her.
No Censorship
No Censorship 4 days ago
U mask? Y?
nigel files
nigel files 4 days ago
Anyone else skip when Will Christien talks annoying
Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford 6 days ago
these tracks our designed to kill these kids when they fall sad
Topshelf Junior
Topshelf Junior 7 days ago
If Malcolm Stewart can lose like 30lbs... I think his positioning and possible podiums would increase..
Oblivia Nation
Oblivia Nation 7 days ago
Take that stupid mask off
WFO_Sonicspeed 7 days ago
Awesome to see Justin Cooper killing it in real life as well as in Mad Skills Motocross!
Onlyfans Goosefans
Yea he looked fast , he is my top pick for 250 championship
VMC MARK 8 days ago
I think that Alex Martin can now declare himself to be the ""WINNER"" of the ""BRO-BATTLE"" since he got around the track ""FARTHER"" than his lil bro did & he caused the RED FLAG, so WINNER-WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER.
blubug768 8 days ago
So KTM switches back to coil shocks and goes 1-2, theyve been working on the air shock for nearly 10 years now I wonder why they even bother
SK Reactionz
SK Reactionz 6 days ago
KTM didnt switch back, Cooper Webb did bc he won on a spring shock. Barcia is still on an air shock, and why bother? because they believe in innovation and that's what drives them to be the best and most advanced bike.
MuTe 8 days ago
Take off that fkn mask...holy shite propaganda propaganda propaganda...
NvSrAgE679 6 days ago
Or rules the broadcast team has no choice but to follow or you don’t get to watch supercross. She’s down on the floor with the track crew so I’d imagine there’s some rules there to be followed. Relax dude.
L 8
L 8 8 days ago
Over half a dozen guys got hurt. Hope everyone’s okay
Tate Chasers
Tate Chasers 8 days ago
please stop putting the winner in the title
Keith Dattisman
Keith Dattisman 8 days ago
I am grateful for this amazing coverage on the races. I wish the outcome of the race wasn't told in the title of the video though. It's on the same level as ruining a movie by telling someone the end before they see it. You could still create a hyped title and leave the names out of it.
Metric Hotrods
Metric Hotrods 8 days ago
Gary Marchbags ain't no joke
RYAN 8 days ago
BreakingPoint 8 days ago
there literally doing these right after the races what do you expect them to do say ???
Billy Goat
Billy Goat 8 days ago
Ewwwww weeb, Que the nut riding.......
kacyidso 8 days ago
Still no rider interviews, where’s the podium interview?
Brok Vejar
Brok Vejar 8 days ago
Ricky Carmichael is Top Notch and Professional I want to watch a life or business seminar by him...I need that level of commitment at everything I do dammmmm!!! 💪
Seth Sears
Seth Sears 8 days ago
“time stamp” 5 min “swimming”-“swinging” lol
Sadjmoe 1
Sadjmoe 1 8 days ago
Jumped under a red flag penalized 4 points! Hit medical crew under red flag.... not so much.
Dan Arrington
Dan Arrington 6 days ago
@NvSrAgE679 Thank you sir
NvSrAgE679 6 days ago
McAdoo was going the same speed as Cooper and Lawrence as normal during a Red Cross flag that was only displayed at that time for them. They would have been back to racing right after rolling that section. It just so happened the medic got in front of McAdoo and not the other two. This could have easily happened to either rider it just so happened to be McAdoo that the guy jumped in front of. In my opinion, IF they were to penalize McAdoo they should penalize all three for doing the exact same thing. He was literally the guy in the middle of three dudes doing the exact same thing. I don’t see what he was supposed to do differently. The tough block pushed all three wide and around the outside narrowing the track already before a medic jumped out and split it again and forced him into Martin.
RAD 7 days ago
@Dan Arrington BS, The red cross flag supersedes the red flag, read the rule book. "Extreme caution shall be maintained ba..ba..
Dan Arrington
Dan Arrington 8 days ago
What race were you watching?? The only flag waving in that section was the red cross flag. And the medic literally ran out into traffic. There was nothing McAdoo could do. I'm sure he felt bad about it but it wasn't his fault.
L 8
L 8 8 days ago
It wasn’t his fault
RD Stud
RD Stud 8 days ago
Why no penalty for running into medical crew on a red flag?
NvSrAgE679 6 days ago
@Michael Cutright to add he was doing the same speed as Cooper and Lawrence. I don’t see how they could fine him. He just happened to be the guy that the medic jumped in front of. Could have easily been Cooper or Lawrence that hit him depending on medics decision on when to go.
Michael Cutright
Michael Cutright 8 days ago
Wasn’t on a red flag. All he could see was the medic flag which meant they would be back to racing as soon as they passed Martin. Also the tough block made them go to the outside which was a poor choice.
RYAN 8 days ago
wednesdar 9 days ago
Who's going to challenge Cooper if the Martin's are out? Hunter's no Jett. Weege was right... rebuilding year in 250 W.
NvSrAgE679 6 days ago
Yeah it’s his season to lose. Personally I think the only guy that’s left to beat Justin Cooper this season is Justin Cooper.
Brok Vejar
Brok Vejar 7 days ago
@Kijani Thomas Jordan Smith will have flashes of brilliance but he cant go at the same pace the full race that the top 3 or 2 lol go...but definitely a wildcard or points lead upset
Kijani Thomas
Kijani Thomas 7 days ago
@Brok Vejar what about jordon smith
L 8
L 8 8 days ago
I think Cooper will dominate followed by Mcadoo, Marchbanks, Lawerence, and Hammaker
Brok Vejar
Brok Vejar 8 days ago
Hunter will have a couple break through rides cause he's not going to let little brother completely outshine him and Justin Cooper only has Seth Hammaker and his own self to stop him..what you think?