Supercross Round 4: Breaking down Ken Roczen's win at Indy, crazy 250 finish | Motorsports on NBC 

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Todd Harris, Ricky Carmichael, Will Christien and Daniel Blair examine highlights of supercross Round 4 at Indy, including Ken Roczen’s first win of the season, Colt Nichols going back-to-back and a crazy 250 finish, as well as look ahead to the next round. #NBCSports #Supercross #Indy#KenRoczen #ColtNichols
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Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship on the planet visiting 13 different states in 2019. Over 17 weeks and a million-dollar All-Star Race, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America to race in front of nearly one million live fans and broadcast to millions more worldwide.
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Highlights and analysis: Supercross Round 4 at Indy | Motorsports on NBC


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Jan 30, 2021




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Comments 29   
Everyday Joe
Everyday Joe 27 days ago
Why are they wearing mask being out in the open the way they are?🤔
2012FordBoss 28 days ago
Vince F needs to get back on the 2020 Honda! He doesn’t seem to be getting along with the 2021 Honda! I don’t think he’s had a race yet this year where he didn’t have a big crash! He’s seriously going to hurt someone!
Dillon Caruso
Dillon Caruso 28 days ago
I'm so glad Todd harris back i wish Cameron steele was with him too but beggers can't choosers
ThisisBen 28 days ago
Best in the world. . . Haha crack up
Didier Peroni
Didier Peroni 28 days ago
That Jett kid has a ton of fight in him he was a lot of fun to watch
TRACY ALLEN 29 days ago
Will and Daniel need to loose the masks...
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons 29 days ago
Blue pants would have made RC look a little taller. What are you going to do. He's been struggling a little bit as commentator. But he sure can ride the pants off a motorcycle. The all-time one and only GOAT ✊
METAL PATRIOT 29 days ago
“Cutoff” Craig...unbelievable guy cost both Yamaha riders is the facts bro
Robert L
Robert L 29 days ago
MoNstEr CroSS ENerGy 🥸 🤘🏻🙃
Pala Otot
Pala Otot 29 days ago
Osborne next
Record Fish Hunter
Record Fish Hunter 29 days ago
Supercross greatest sport on earth ! To have so many great riders in the 450 class makes for unprecedented racing ! I think that was Jets best ride of the year as far as speed he definitely showed he is a true phenom in the sport !
DallasRider 29 days ago
Malcom looked like a gymnast for a second 😆. Just barely couldn't save it
name 29 days ago
Hey Ricky. Chill with the Roczen love. It’s obvious man. When u only say the nicest things about roczen and everything about Tomac is a small dig in some way...says a lot about where ur head is at Rick. Ur the greatest ever. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t change the fact though. The bias is getting annoying..it’s not constructive..it’s divisive. I understand building hype for a race tv event. Better ways to go about it though
shawn horne
shawn horne 29 days ago
U have ur favorite and so do others, freedom of speech dah
name 29 days ago
Scott Paxton
Scott Paxton 29 days ago
​ @Flap Jackson Look at how great the racing is when they pass with respect and class. Everyone wins really. Tomac gave his all. Roczen gave his all. No BS. Both happy to be respected and it was awesome racing. Racing incidents happen. Rubbing is racing and all. Osborne coming through the pack with aggressive passes but no barcia BS. It is safer and the way it should be.
Team Canelo
Team Canelo 29 days ago
Dan Arrington
Dan Arrington 29 days ago
Roczen would have won with or without Eli going down. After everything he's been through it would be awesome for him to win this title. He definitely has the speed and his starts have been on point so far. Barcia's fall was caused by Savatgy's bobble in that corner. Also it looked to me like Barcia was trying to help Mookie by kicking his bike. I don't think it was done in frustration. Zack Osbourne looks very comfortable so far. If he can get to the first turn near the front he has the speed to win a race or 2. What happened to Jett Lawrence on the start straight?? It looked like he was feathering the clutch to bring the front wheel down and maybe he missed a shift. It was bizarre. It looked to me like Christian Craig kind of zoned out at the end of the race. He needs to get his head straightened out before Tuesday. Otherwise, Nichols and Lawrence are going to leave him in the dust. This has been the most exciting racing we have had in a while. Let's hope it continues. Edit: I'm really pissed at myself for missing this. The 7-deuce-deuce qualified for the main by finishing 8th in his heat race. As far as I know that was the first time he had done that. He has made the main in 2 of the 4 races so far. Clearly that bike and that team are working well for him. It would have been nice if they had mentioned him on the tv broadcast but I'm in no position to criticize since I left him out of my post as well. Way to go AE722!!
mrabrasive51 29 days ago
Yes, Ken was the fastest rider last night.
mongo mongo
mongo mongo 29 days ago
Nice comment
native 1
native 1 29 days ago
Made me laugh...barcia kickn Malcolm bike...
mrabrasive51 29 days ago
He rassis!
mongo mongo
mongo mongo 29 days ago
@native 1 😅
native 1
native 1 29 days ago
@mongo mongomaybe... just looked funny how he kicked it...
mongo mongo
mongo mongo 29 days ago
Maybe cause of anger cause he thought Stewart was the one who caused him crashing or maybe he saw Stewart's foot was stick under his bike and he helped him🤷‍♂️
John Dagan
John Dagan 29 days ago
I honestly really like Todd Harris in the booth!🤙🏼
Rodrigo Salas Olivares
Awesome Race!!
Rodrigo Salas Olivares
Congrats Todd, RC4 and the rest of the team. Great comments!!. Awesome race and Both championships are starting to show who are the real Titles Contenders!
Dean Floyd
Dean Floyd 29 days ago
Loose those marks you knucleheads!
Flap Jackson
Flap Jackson 29 days ago
Wow! What great races last night! MX and Supercross are such exciting sports! In the 250s, Nichols was on his game, but I was Impressed with Craig and Lawrence as well. In the 450s, Roczen was truly a man on a mission after getting hung up by lapper Owens last week. Cianciarulo is a force to be reckoned with, but needs to dial in his speed/rhythm/pacing a little more. Tomac’s rookie fall probably cost him the race, but Roczen showed he had it going on when he passed Tomac right after getting passed by Tomac. MX Racing is so much better than politically correct sports. Great personalities, great athleticism, classy athletes, with no bad attitudes.
Jesse Stewart
Jesse Stewart 29 days ago
Go Kenny !
Metric Hotrods
Metric Hotrods 29 days ago
Coat Nipples wins 250s and they talk about Jett the entire time.
Metric Hotrods
Metric Hotrods 28 days ago
@Ktulu59 59 He did. With that Lawrence Taylor earring flapping in the wind, he's a bad dude.
Ktulu59 59
Ktulu59 59 28 days ago
Did colt nac nac over the finish ??.... don’t think anyone was watching !!😂no disrespect to colt great ride bro !!
Joshua 29 days ago
Coat nipples😂
Johnny Bush
Johnny Bush 29 days ago
Craig’s block pass was bogus.. especially since it was against his ex teammate whose 17 years old😑
gunshowtime 29 days ago
There wasnt anything wrong with what Craig did. It was just dumb on Craig's behalf to throw away a 2nd or 3rd to run jett wide af. Craig had the inside for the two remaining corners. No need to run so wide.
Flap Jackson
Flap Jackson 29 days ago
Lol. My son and I were discussing the subject of block passing, what’s dirty, what’s acceptable, etc. The reality is that what Craig did, and what others like Barcia do is perfectly legal. The idea that riders should abide by unwritten rules misses the point of the competition. If actual written rules against block passing were to be proscribed, then it would be another matter. As long as the riders are staying within the bounds of the written rules, boys are gonna be boys. They’re all in it to win by whatever LEGAL means are necessary.
7Pines Knives
7Pines Knives 29 days ago
Should Jett just get special treatment since he’s only “17” and an ex “teammate”
Joey 29 days ago
Pain for Jett Lawrence
Reid Mangipano
Reid Mangipano Month ago
And I love ken roczen
Team Canelo
Team Canelo 29 days ago
@Speed Fighter same
Team Canelo
Team Canelo 29 days ago
Speed Fighter
Speed Fighter 29 days ago
Ken rock is my favorite rider out there out there racing
Reid Mangipano
Reid Mangipano Month ago
I’m first