Supercross Round 3 Preview with Leigh Diffey, Ricky Carmichael, Will Christien | Motorsports on NBC 

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Leigh Diffey, Ricky Carmichael, and Will Christien discuss Ken Roczen’s penalty from Round 2, Dylan Ferrandis’ surprise start, Jett Lawrence’s first 250SX win, and how a new layout for Round 3 may trip up riders. #NBCSports #Supercross #MotorsportsOnNBC
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Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship on the planet visiting 13 different states in 2019. Over 17 weeks and a million-dollar All-Star Race, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America to race in front of nearly one million live fans and broadcast to millions more worldwide.
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Supercross Round 3 Preview with Leigh Diffey, Ricky Carmichael, Will Christien | Motorsports on NBC


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Jan 21, 2021




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Comments 57   
Machine Gun
Machine Gun 26 days ago
NBC doesn't understand the fan base...these commentators suck
Machine Gun
Machine Gun 26 days ago
Skinny RC is just as bad at announcing supercross as fat RC
Too Shea Moto
Too Shea Moto Month ago
Man... Will is cute AAMF.
Dennis Alexander
Jeff emig, Daniel Blair, Erin bates supercross dream team announcers Ricky is such a 92, 94 fan boy.
BlueTransAm83 Month ago
Sand again. Long KX thing? They feel long to me. Or use too. KTM nightmare area?
EarthSurferUSA Month ago
Who's the new fat guy with the communications degree? Is that David Pingree's Dad?
Steveknowles Knowles
When did the Britts take over NBC.
EarthSurferUSA Month ago
Our TV networks have been taken over by foreign interests for a long time, and it matches our education today too, lock step.
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson Month ago
The great ones never cry in moments of adversity. We’ll have to wait a while to see what happens with jet Lawrence‘s career. @ Ricky.. quit giving Jet such praise on his maturity and knocking the comparison with you,. Us older people see right through the political correctness so stop it. Ricky you’ve managed titles and championships better than anyone else on a dirtbike. Sadly you weren’t the best while at your best, that title goes to James Stewart.
Erik 567
Erik 567 Month ago
Sexton had the time and smarts to tuck his head. He easily could have snapped his neck.
James Davis
James Davis Month ago
4 point deduction is way too little for the disaster that could’ve happened!!!
EarthSurferUSA Month ago
Do mankind a favor. Don't get into law. You might enjoy dishing out brutal punishment too much. Now, look how many flagers are there. I see one. If the flagers are not used/trained well/properly, stuff like this will happen,---and you want to throw the book at KR for not seeing a single flager on a section full of riders. Yea, do us a favor,---don't get into law. You would make a great insurance salesman though. :)
Grant Bird
Grant Bird Month ago
Let's go tomac
Kyle Shumber
Kyle Shumber Month ago
Can’t wait to watch it!
ANT thetruckerdude
Bring Ralph back
McLovin Month ago
roczen didn’t see all those people singling😐
R.J. Griffith
R.J. Griffith Month ago
Bring back Ralph
scallywaker 29
scallywaker 29 Month ago
Michael Latanzio
And the consistency that Rickey had year in and year out was the gnarliest thing to comprehend. Stewart was pretty dope in 09
Brian Ackerman
Brian Ackerman Month ago
Ken couldn't see everyone singling in front of him.
Jesse Stewart
Jesse Stewart Month ago
Kenny got screwed
Deano Lupi
Deano Lupi Month ago
TraveledZ Month ago
is RJ gonna get an accent too so can keep his job? lol
Asa Clements
Asa Clements Month ago
Anderson's jumped too, why is he not penalized
McLovin Month ago
@Asa Clements you’re not hearing about anyone else because they’re not even in the top ten in points
Asa Clements
Asa Clements Month ago
Williams guess I'm only hearing about Ken cause it knocked him out of the point leads, like not really finding anybody else talking about other than Ken, which I'm sure he was the only one to post about it, appreciate the info though
zach williams
zach williams Month ago
He also got docked 4 points... Along with two other riders
Rodrigo Salas Olivares
Even though the new team is doing a great job!, (Leigh and Will are well prepared), I actually miss the US accent and passion. Nothing against British accent, but I feel like watching a rugby or polo match wearing a suit or a tuxedo. However It seems I have to get used. Some other american interviewer within the track would be nice....
Rodrigo Salas Olivares
@abracing199 thanks, nothing against the Australian then, both are very well prepared. Is just the accent, kind of plane and boring for me, lack of passion..... I'll try my best before muting..
abracing199 Month ago
Leigh is australian
Seth Benson
Seth Benson Month ago
I feel like they need to calm down with the sand sections. Way too many riders crash
Matt butters
Matt butters Month ago
Ken did jump even it he didn't see the flag so the penalty should stick. It may not of been his fault but rules are rules he needs to keep it safe He is a great rider so he will get the points back.
Luca D'Onorio
Luca D'Onorio Month ago
Hey bout keeping it safe by putting flaggers before the corner where they aren’t getting roosted by sand
Jessy venerites
Jessy venerites Month ago
Je panse que Dylan Ferrandis est capable de gagner le championnat allez dylan.
mathewpist4 Month ago
In the end even if hes telling the truth and didnt do it on purpose. He still made passes on guys who were rolling the jumps. So even if he didnt see it. Still gave him advantage. Cant protest somthing when it gave him an advantage over other riders. Regardless if he saw it or not
First off, Thank you to Ralph for he's years of commentating Supercross! The new crew is doing a great job! I hope they help expand Supercross to the world to grow our sport!
Rafael Vargas
Rafael Vargas Month ago
Don’t like the new guy yet.
abracing199 Month ago
@Darrell it's not the accent, it's that he isn't well versed in the sport yet. You're coming off as more ignorant than the person you're trying to pose the OP as by immediately assuming it's because he's not american. Grow up.
McLovin Month ago
@Darrell idc that he has an accent or anything but it’s just how obnoxious and loud he is during the races
Keith Tarrier
Keith Tarrier Month ago
@Darrell He is/was Australian actually... American since 2011. Just saying.
Darrell Month ago
An english guy announcing an AMERICAN SPORT , I'm NOT impressed!! SOOOO many other worthy people that needed the chance!!!
Jonny Crash
Jonny Crash Month ago
I hope they get some better commentators you know that actually call out what's happening on screen
marty Month ago
They have to get some x racer guests in the booth before their all dead. lol they used to do it years ago.
Eric H
Eric H Month ago
Really digging this new push for more social media presence. Keep turning videos like this out!
A A Month ago
I forgot how gnarly Jetts crash was last year. I can’t help but laugh when I see it.
J. D.
J. D. Month ago
Why does Ricky have a spackle bucket on his head?
Theadore Bundy
Theadore Bundy Month ago
Lol this lady an a affirmative action SJW crowd inject??
Tyler Pifer
Tyler Pifer Month ago
With the Roczen situation, look at it this way. If you're driving on the highway and something, let's say a deer, distracts you and you miss the speed limit sign. It said 45 but you are going 60. You're still gonna get that ticket! Even though you're zooming past all the other cars on the road.
EarthSurferUSA Month ago
I have not seen the film yet, but I have a question already: "Were the flagers doing a good job?" Many times, they do not.
The Beet Farmer
The Beet Farmer Month ago
Exactly. Nobody is saying he was being disrespectful, but he was just a little careless.
852 motosports
852 motosports Month ago
I wondee what Ricky thinks if these idiots he co host with
Waid Repik
Waid Repik Month ago
What happened to Ralph?
John Powers
John Powers Month ago
@Tyler Pifer still better than Leigh Diffy what about emig
Tyler Pifer
Tyler Pifer Month ago
Got fired. The guy was pretty clueless.
Reese Month ago
Dylan did great for sure but Chase, Osborne, and Adam all crashed.. I hope everyone's healthy for round 3 it should be a good show!
Reese Month ago
Yeah Tomac became the beneficiary of that race. Dylan just needs a good start.
Keith Tarrier
Keith Tarrier Month ago
Hence Dylan rode better on the night as he didn't fall, ...and that is what puts you in front/better position.
Jessy venerites
Jessy venerites Month ago
Je panse que Dylan est plus fort que Chase voir plus rapide il la déjà prouver sa technique.
Reese Month ago
Hopefully Chase Sexton returns and all of the close racing resumes but no one crashes or shift lever falls off allegedly
Tyler Pifer
Tyler Pifer Month ago
He was literally right behind Osbourne when he fell.
Robert Gowdey
Robert Gowdey Month ago
I won't bring Ralph back this guy's annoying
RAT BURL Month ago
Ralph please 🙄
Difficult call on the flag, I think it's safe to say Roczen didn't see it. I think all the riders in the series have respect for a downed rider and what that flag stands for. There has been bad calls in sports since the beginning, if he's a champ he will be champ someday. Mad respect for all the riders past and present!! I love that we have moto coverage 7 days a week!!! Are you kidding me, this is great!! When I was 17 we lived Motocross every minute of every day and all we had for coverage (that was even close to motos) was ABC Superbikers one Sunday per year. Looking forward to the rest of the series and outdoors as well. Cheers!
Kenny Curran
Kenny Curran Month ago
Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes the nail. I 'm sure Kenny respects that RCF as much, if not more, that anyone out there and I believe him when he says he did not see it! but how you enforce a rule today sets the precedence tomorrow. Slippery slope!
R A Month ago
I miss Ralph Sheheen
Scott Folks
Scott Folks Month ago
She sounds like Mary Poppins. Why does she say "There" after every sentence
Scott Folks
Scott Folks Month ago
@Henrik Forsberg LOL told you, its weird, there
Henrik Forsberg
Henrik Forsberg Month ago
Damnit! Now i Can’t stop hearing it!
Major Travis
Major Travis Month ago
Why does Leigh and will have the same picture behind them?
Major Travis
Major Travis Month ago
@RubbishFPS 🧐🤔 fair enough
RubbishFPS Month ago
Gonna guess same hotel.
Tyrone Mogadishu
It wasn’t alleged, it’s clearly on video Roczen jumping on the red cross.
Booped Nose
Booped Nose Month ago
Someone has helmet hair......just sayin.
Solorunner13 Month ago
Always something
Solorunner13 Month ago
Ken excuses Roczen
McLovin Month ago
Tarz Thomas
Tarz Thomas Month ago
I usually agree with the penalties but I'm not so sure about this one!
McLovin Month ago
@M Stack the thing is, everyone in front of him was rolling it
M Stack
M Stack Month ago
I agree, pretty hard to see in that corner and the flaggers were not in a good position. Kind of a bogus call IMO. Glad Sexton will be ok though.
Tarz Thomas
Tarz Thomas Month ago
What if he loses this championship by a few points?
Ironbull Month ago
@Tyler Pifer yep if it was tomac everybody would be happy he lost points! I’ve never seen so much hate for a rider that keeps to himself! Let’s go racing can’t wait for tonight
Keith Tarrier
Keith Tarrier Month ago
... if so... that's racing...
Tyler Pifer
Tyler Pifer Month ago
Then he should have rolled like everyone else in front of him.
Tarz Thomas
Tarz Thomas Month ago
Ken didn't see the flag. When something is not intentional should it still be docked?
P Trades
P Trades Month ago
This comment is not real. A figment.
McLovin Month ago
@Tarz Thomas yes but look at pictures, there was flaggers on the inside and outside and literally everyone in front of him was rolling
William Hurren
William Hurren Month ago
@Tarz Thomas it may have been in unintentional but rules are rules.
Tarz Thomas
Tarz Thomas Month ago
@Tyler Pifer Is that apples to apples though? It's more like if your driving and a light turns yellow, how close do you gotta be to go or stop ?
Tyler Pifer
Tyler Pifer Month ago
If you don't see a speed limit sign but are speeding should you not get that ticket?
Andrew peakman
Andrew peakman Month ago
Will is great , they shouldn't make her wear a mask either 😆
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams Month ago
Braden Davis
Braden Davis Month ago
Dang I’m early super excited for round 3 can’t wait 😬
allen wellington
R.C. When you were 17 the bike was a 2 stroke chain saw, if you had rode the one that Clown's on your style would of been superior.
LostInPA Month ago
I would like them to add mud lanes. Like axle deep sticky mud for 100 feet. Maybe even a water pit like in steeplechase. They could also have it on the last lap where you have to jump through flames across the finish line.
marty Month ago
Benny the bomb💥
LostInPA Month ago
@Rick Rossi Woah bro! Pulling out the big guns this early in the series? Let’s ease into it with a piranha pit. 🤣
Rick Rossi
Rick Rossi Month ago
Gator pit
mrabrasive51 Month ago
Oil puddles too!
Just Mee
Just Mee Month ago
I think every track should have at least one straight away (with no whoops or jumps) the entire length of the field.
2nd amendment supporting Republican 2nd account
Y'all said round 3 in the title
LostInPA Month ago
The raced last Saturday, this past Tuesday and this coming Saturday is the final round for Houston. 👍
BrodyRichard263 Month ago
@Ashton G but still doesn't delete the comment 🤣
2nd amendment supporting Republican 2nd account
@Ashton G oh ok I didint know that
Ashton G
Ashton G Month ago
I don’t get what you are saying? it is round 3 through this weekend.
My Pride: Episode Nine
My Pride: Episode Nine