Supercross Round 8 at Orlando | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/20/21 | Motorsports on NBC 

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Relive all the high-flying moments from an intense Supercross Round 8 in Orlando, where Cooper Webb (450 Main) and Justin Cooper (250 Main) snag victories at Camping World Stadium. #NBCSports #Supercross #CooperWebb
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Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship on the planet visiting 13 different states in 2019. Over 17 weeks and a million-dollar All-Star Race, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America to race in front of nearly one million live fans and broadcast to millions more worldwide.
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Supercross Round 8 at Orlando | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/20/21 | Motorsports on NBC


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Feb 20, 2021




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Justin Lacek
Justin Lacek 22 hours ago
No way AC is back on the crashing tip
TT_TAY 2 days ago
Lets go Justin
quads4life1 5 days ago
with 2;20 to play, Rocszen goes for Tomac. What are they playing?......I still don't miss Ralph
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 6 days ago
I like british people but not with my supercross WE NEED FRO BACK!!!
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 6 days ago
Turtle Flannagan
Turtle Flannagan 6 days ago
Richard Lusby
Richard Lusby 7 days ago
#31 McAdoo gets the super JERK award on this one
Machine Gun
Machine Gun 9 days ago
NBC...your broadcasters are the worst
777superduty 9 days ago
Where Jeff Emig?
TEFLON DON 9 days ago
Good to see Marvin on the podium
terry thompson
terry thompson 9 days ago
go webb go go go go
Texas Ceramic
Texas Ceramic 10 days ago
Go Barcia!!!!
Randy Ward
Randy Ward 10 days ago
Macado and Cooper, what idiots, sorry but I am too important to slow down for a hurt rider. Both of the worthies ran over track personal.
Logan Kole
Logan Kole 10 days ago
EdwinHarbor 10 days ago
Complete bottle neck going into that rhythm section. Robertson did land on Jmart, but someone also slammed into Robertson, causing him to veer right. Tight track with turn one leading right into a narrow rhythm section...smh.
Zack Sivulich
Zack Sivulich 10 days ago
how stupid is McAdoo? There's no excuses for that
Victor Stafne
Victor Stafne 11 days ago
Poor dam Jordan smith.. his day will come
Jun Lu
Jun Lu 11 days ago
Jeremey should have given stiles a right hook to the jaw after that crap.
Jun Lu
Jun Lu 11 days ago
Wow all the 250 west rookies sucked! Stiles Robinson is the biggest idiot of the race!
Deundre Ward
Deundre Ward 11 days ago
Yees!! Cooper Webb Wins at Orlando!!😀💯
hunter loftus
hunter loftus 11 days ago
Adam c is one of the very best riders in the 450 class. He just can’t finish.
ItsHellcat 11 days ago
If Ken didn’t have a bad start he would’ve won
Jack Novak
Jack Novak 11 days ago
If I didn’t suck at riding I would race professionally
Doreen Melchiorre
Doreen Melchiorre 11 days ago
inspectorluv 11 days ago
why does any rider ever go high on a corner anymore? The AMA allows any rider to come in and cut underneath, straight across any corner, so that no rider can make it around the corner on the high side, seems like every race. So basically if you are behind someone going into a corner, just tuck under and cut across their line and use that as a pass.
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith 12 days ago
Good morning, very nice presentation, announcers, good riding. Hopefully those who crashed are okay. Good luck!!!
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson 12 days ago
Ciancarulo is SO INCONSISTENT, it’s almost a given he’ll make a mistake if he’s on for a podium. It’s hard trying to root for him
Yo H
Yo H 12 days ago
Thanks for RUINING the highlights once again NBC, FFS... Get rid of the winner thumbnail.
Mike Burney
Mike Burney 12 days ago
Apparently the dirt crew hung out at the bar all week because track looks the same ????
Kase Burroughs
Kase Burroughs 12 days ago
The amount of control these people have is insane
Kase Burroughs
Kase Burroughs 12 days ago
Justin raced a good race
Fox Slider
Fox Slider 12 days ago
Some good racing!
roboco302 12 days ago
I would be completely fine if they got rid of the whoops. I would rather see these guys stay healthy and have a better chance of finishing the season. Obviously there are other places to crash but the whoops take out too many people. Racing would also be tighter and more exciting without them.
Dion Braud
Dion Braud 12 days ago
The Orlando Tera dome!
A Ling
A Ling 12 days ago
Did Rmc relly just say that McAdo had the ability to follow the leader .........if he had the speed to follow the leader????
Swilliam sonofhenry
The 250 race should have had some Benny Hill music playing over the loudspeakers.
BerryNiceModels 12 days ago
Nice to see Anderson in the top 5 again
weelgunny 12 days ago
Anderson is BACK!
flyfishincrazy 12 days ago
Webb! Clean sweep 🧹
John Fields
John Fields 12 days ago
14:02 Savatgy getting lapped. 😂
Dan Preville
Dan Preville 12 days ago
I sure hope you guys find two new people in the broadcast booth because you have ruined watching motocross these guys are not good ain't their job
Map115 12 days ago
Crap track. Same as last week but hard, cupped and slippery. These pro's deserve better.
hopper055 12 days ago
Anyone else confused as to why CW#2 had the red plate in the thumbnail? Thought I missed something KR#94 is still in the lead by 6.
maknstormmoney 2
maknstormmoney 2 12 days ago
H. LAWRENCE best rider in the 250 w hands down. Good technical rider plus coming off the injuries he's had. Think he's got all that behind him n he is more focused and this will be his year. 💯🚫🐂💩💨💨💨
flyfishincrazy 12 days ago
Looked to me like Justin Cooper was the best rider last night! Them Aussie boys all hype!
Connor Klevesahl
Connor Klevesahl 12 days ago
Get rid of the British dude bring back ralph
Rat107 12 days ago
Dafuq is wrong with Cameron McAdoo #31 running people over and not even checking on them?
Papi1960R 12 days ago
So Marvin's two podium appearances in Orlando, a 2nd and a 3rd, didn't warrant one mention on NBC? Seems a bit odd.
kyler fry
kyler fry 12 days ago
M Young
M Young 12 days ago
Webb has his MOJO back!!
BG JB-R14 12 days ago
In round 6 all Cooper Webb needed was one more lap to beat Roczen. In Round 7 Webb beat Roczen in a tight race and last night Webb wins with relative ease. Is it fair to say that this series has come down to two riders. In two weeks I’m expecting to see a great race in Daytona. I feel for Adam Cianciarulo that was a tough crash last night. I believe that he really loves this sport but at 6’ 1” he has some disadvantages. I hope someone has a heart to heart with him before he gets hurt.
Toby Rodgers
Toby Rodgers 12 days ago
Ac9 crash King
Matthew Diaz
Matthew Diaz 12 days ago
who designs these tracks... This is ridiculous. laps under a min. people in 10th at over a minute behind. How about making the tracks more technical, widen the lanes a bike length, and make this a real race. if you don't get a good start you have no chance unless someone falls. It's pathetic. The whoops... wtf were those things. They were jagged, sharp tipped and unevenly spaced. AMA should be ashamed with how lazy the designs have been.
Avery R
Avery R 12 days ago
This track was just all about survival.. I bet they are all happy to leave this slick dirt. Riders were constantly sliding out on faces of jumps and in the turns.
Shannan Begley
Shannan Begley 12 days ago
Anyone have an update on Jeremy Martin?
Shannan Begley
Shannan Begley 12 days ago
@flyfishincrazy no way 😩🤪
flyfishincrazy 12 days ago
Broken wrist and dislocated shoulder.😬
Metric Hotrods
Metric Hotrods 12 days ago
We always clown on C class but pros can be sketchy too...
Jan Bednarik
Jan Bednarik 12 days ago
What has happened to roczen ges he looks slow
Kyle Thwaits
Kyle Thwaits 12 days ago
Tomac is scared of Justin barcia. How do you explain tightening up to him multiple races and then nothing
Derrick Redlin
Derrick Redlin 11 days ago
i would be afraid of somebody who is willing to run perpendicularly into your front end at 25 mph
Jacob Alley
Jacob Alley 12 days ago
Both east and west coast 250 is crippled with injuries this year. So unfortunate
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
Tomac isn’t even trying
99twenty9 12 days ago
Anyone saying the 250 leaders didn't see flags when mcadoo hit the medic needs to re watch the video it's pane as day the flags are being waived in they're faces and the medics are on the track long before the leaders even get to them
mrpotatoheadracing 12 days ago
Wow, the 250 series almost ended in one night.
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
Sucks to see so many riders get hurt
Rick Rojas
Rick Rojas 12 days ago
Ok i witnessed now eli no more😟
Rick Rossi
Rick Rossi 12 days ago
Hope AC and Martin Brothers ok
Rick Rossi
Rick Rossi 10 days ago
Alex has concussion, jeromy has dislocated shoulder and broken hand. Sucks
M31 A
M31 A 12 days ago
There's been some great racing so far this season!
Resist The System
Resist The System 12 days ago
Webb & Bam-Bam!!! Love seeing KTM slaughter the competition!!!
SilviMcKinley 3 days ago
No sir
Resist The System
Resist The System 12 days ago
@roboco302 Yes Sir!
roboco302 12 days ago
Is Gas Gas a KTM?
scott peitavino
scott peitavino 12 days ago
Stone881 12 days ago
Thanks for putting the winners names in the description so I don't have to watch it, wtf!?!
MXSpendio 12 days ago
What is wrong with these 250 guys they cant stay on the bike!
robert white
robert white 12 days ago
Told people years n years ago webb was gonna be the 1. 😎
Cody Block
Cody Block 12 days ago
I feel so bad for A.C. hes allways on the best starts and then throws it away hopefully he get next week !
aka phantumb
aka phantumb 12 days ago
what’s going on with tomac man
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 12 days ago
Webb is starting to look like a threat
ً 12 days ago
A threat that must be denied!
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 12 days ago
That brit commentators cursed Tomach u saw it
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 12 days ago
We arent british
the1whofights 43
the1whofights 43 12 days ago
vindarm 12 days ago
You are right we need Emig and McGrath!
kevin borrayo
kevin borrayo 12 days ago
This generation got no style in riding, I missed the 90s
Jack NaRod
Jack NaRod 12 days ago
As a 1st time watcher, I hated to see those ugly wrecks in the beginning. An official getting run over? This is hardcore.... Didn't enjoy those wrecks and I hope everyone heals quickly.
Jack NaRod
Jack NaRod 12 days ago
@Dan Preville I don't enjoy people being hurt. You have a good point, of course it's dangerous, 40-60 foot jumps do and will go wrong. The race should be red flagged if there are officials on the track.
Dan Preville
Dan Preville 12 days ago
if you don't enjoy the wrecks why are you watching supercross look at what they're doing you know there's going to be Rex and they're not going to be just a little typo first that when you're flying through the air 40 60 ft
Tell it As I see it
What does Jordan Smith and Martin Davalos have in common?
Speedcat514 12 days ago
Both crash
John Medina
John Medina 12 days ago
Please add the points standings at the end.
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
You can look them up
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor 12 days ago
Ken-180 Coop- -6 Eli. -31
lil Sebastian
lil Sebastian 12 days ago
Another boring 1 fast line track. This season has been a snooze fest since RD 1. 250 main... follow the guy in front of you...Boooring... 450 main... follow the guy in front of you... Boooring.
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor 12 days ago
You’re right Cooper started in 8th Got to first you can’t pass on that track
RYAN 12 days ago
Matthew Rocha
Matthew Rocha 12 days ago
1. Ktm 2. Ktm 3. Red Ktm 4. Honda 5. White Ktm
Matthew Rocha
Matthew Rocha 11 days ago
@flyfishincrazy gasgas and husky are ktms
flyfishincrazy 12 days ago
And your point?
Resist The System
Resist The System 12 days ago
Dan love
Dan love 12 days ago
Ferrnandis runs 14th.....wonder what he thinks about the 450 Yamaha?
Wesley Bell
Wesley Bell 12 days ago
How could Mcadoo keep riding and not even care that he ran over that medic and that other rider
Josh474 11 days ago
@Garett Crose its a red flag, I was there in person. They acted like they were still racing, its a red flag. No reason for either of them to be going that fast
Dirty Beef Curtains
@Garett Crose 1:32 the tuff block is so much before the corner and the flag was out dipshit. Mcadoo has zero fucking awareness and should’ve been parked.
Obiron Racing
Obiron Racing 12 days ago
@Garett Crose because he DID charge into the corner.
Garett Crose
Garett Crose 12 days ago
@Obiron Racing why you acting like he hammered the throttle into the corner. The only reason he picked up speed was trying to get through the gap so he didn’t hit them. Accidents happen stop trying to point fingers. It’s a sport of inches
Obiron Racing
Obiron Racing 12 days ago
@Garett Crose he had no reason or right to charge into the corner. The medical personnel had plenty of time to get to the downed rider if mcadoo wouldn't have charged into the corner. It is unacceptable to accelerate like that under a red cross flag. While passing the downed rider that caused the rde cross flag to begin with.
jason johnson
jason johnson 12 days ago
Once your lapped your race should be over .. Tomac lost spots because of dablos
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
Then you can’t have a race
Rob Walker
Rob Walker 12 days ago
The flagging is a JOKE this year. Lap 2 of the 250 main should never have happened
James Cryer
James Cryer 12 days ago
And what's with the track crew this year? Put the tough block on the wrong half of the track and funneled the guys directly into the medical crew and down rider.
Keith John
Keith John 12 days ago
Tomac should have his ride up to someone eles he don’t even try any more
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
I agree. I would expect him to retire soon.
Marc Trudel
Marc Trudel 12 days ago
Guess ac won't be in Daytona again
StreetSlayingGTO 12 days ago
Dude so pissed about jeremy martin, this would have been his championship season
Garrett Gustafson
Garrett Gustafson 11 days ago
@Codeack101 wlck not the rookies fault everyone doubled except Martin whats the rookie suppose to do when already committed
Leif Talaro
Leif Talaro 11 days ago
Yep I definitely believe it would have been his year and he needed it to get a 450 ride... that sucks
Codeack101 wlck
Codeack101 wlck 12 days ago
Stupid rookie pile drove him no awareness
Baby-Shark GTO
Baby-Shark GTO 12 days ago
It's devastating wtf
Williams Big Dump Trucking LLC
Did roczen pay announcers to root for him every race?
Williams Big Dump Trucking LLC
@Baby-Shark GTO i still they are in love with roczen
Baby-Shark GTO
Baby-Shark GTO 12 days ago
Points leader is always getting hyped in anyhing that has a points system.
MOTOX33 13 days ago
Is this in Australia?
Baby-Shark GTO
Baby-Shark GTO 12 days ago
Ello mate
Dan Conn
Dan Conn 13 days ago
Lot of injuries
Justin M
Justin M 13 days ago
Why does Webb have the red plate in the thumbnail?
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
Because they use old photos for the thumbnails
Dan L
Dan L 12 days ago
Don't worry it will be come Daytona!
Joseph Markell
Joseph Markell 13 days ago
Annnnnd there goes half the 250 field
Miles Moore
Miles Moore 13 days ago
Get rid of the 3 STOOGES ! Bring back Sheheen and Emig ! ! .
Tony Shay
Tony Shay Day ago
@djjazzyjeff123 Exactly! I don't miss listening to Ralph have an on air aneurism every time someone got passed
manuel 10 days ago
@Fred Garvin Im willing to bet thats more in favor of Fro, in which i would totally love to see back!
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin 10 days ago
@manuel Except the 52 people that agreed with the o.p.
manuel 10 days ago
LMAO!! Sheehan!?!?!?! Says no one!!!!
BrodyRichard263 11 days ago
Blair and weege....end of story
Wesley Christenbury
I was super hype watching the race last night! Great points night for Webb! Looks to be getting more confident and comfortable so Roczen better be ready for a good title fight! Let’s Go Coop!
ً 12 days ago
nah coop is a punk, 94 will slaughter him next round
Vincent Laguardia Gambini
Mcadoo should've been tossed for the night. Friese lost TEN SPOTS again this week, AMA should pull him.
roboco302 12 days ago
So not McAdoos fault. Agree Friese needs to go
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
@Vincent Laguardia Gambini Mcadoo shouldn’t be penalized.
Vincent Laguardia Gambini
Mcadoo charged into the corner under a red flag and hit not only the medical personnel but the injured rider! Once the red flag comes out the race is over. Medical flag means S-L-O-W. He didn't heed either flag.
Obiron Racing
Obiron Racing 12 days ago
@L 8 clearly. But mcadoo should be penalized. Just like every other rider that makes the wrong choice under a red flag
L 8
L 8 12 days ago
@Obiron Racing it’s a mistake on both ends
Joe David Jarvis
Joe David Jarvis 13 days ago
12:47 let's ride ball i mean play Supercross!
Miles Moore
Miles Moore 13 days ago
Quite endangering the riders careers. GET RID OF THE TUFF BLOCKS. The time is long over due ! !
Miles Moore
Miles Moore 12 days ago
The 1/4" thick corrugated two sided plastic signs stuck in the ground would allow for advertisers and wouldn't interfere with riders running off the track. Some corners they would still need to use tuff block but only in limited parts of the track.
Baby-Shark GTO
Baby-Shark GTO 12 days ago
@frnz klmmr ll get rid of the advertising and they wouldn't be able to afford a hay bale....... but I hear ya
frnz klmmr ll
frnz klmmr ll 13 days ago
I was thinking same thing raw hay bales dont snag advertisers plasticwrap
Glenn Danzigg
Glenn Danzigg 13 days ago
WTF is Tomac doing???? Did he forget how fast he is? I have to go for Roczen for this title, I can’t bring myself to cheer for Webb. There’s something about him I can’t stand. Him, Friese and Ferrandis need to go away,
flyfishincrazy 12 days ago
Mother tell u children not to......🖕
Kolby Woods
Kolby Woods 12 days ago
It’s racing dude. Chill
Dave E. Pie
Dave E. Pie 12 days ago
Lol You are a tool